Conference 2016

2016 Conference Flyer

2016 Conference May 21.
Theme: "Stepping Up"

New Venue: 

Mercure Hotel
Cnr North Quay & Ann St, Brisbane city.

We have many wonderful speakers for this year’s conference. Please book in online (the preferred method).

If you are unable to attend please consider donating the cost of a ticket to enable someone else to attend. You are able to donate a ticket online via the Donate link on the left.

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2015 Newsletters

June 2015 (PDF)

March 2015 (PDF)

The Abortion Breast Cancer Link

Find out what the abortion industry desperately doesn't want you to know!

Using known medical facts and pointing to peer-reviewed research, Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery Dr Angela Lanfranchi explains the increased incidence of breast cancer in women whose pregnancies terminate (accidental or intentional) before 32 weeks.

Recorded in high definition, 27th August 2014 in the Premier's Hall, Parliamentary Annexe, Queensland Parliament House.  36 minutes.

Georgette Forney, Anglicans for Life

Fresh from her Australian speaking tour where she spoke at Cherish Life in Brisbane.

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Cherish Life Queensland (previously Queensland Right to Life) is a non-denominational, non-party political association of people who are concerned about issues r
elating to a person's right to life, especially in relation to abortion, infanticide, embryo experimentation and euthanasia.

  • To promote a respect for and protection of the intrinsic worth of human life at all ages and all stages, and to express our commitment

  • by positively embracing and celebrating life ourselves.

  • To educate people on pro-life issues, maintaining their enthusiasm and dedication to life, and challenge the community conscience in matters of justice, equality and respect for all people born and unborn.

  • To strive for effective protection by law of defenceless human life - born and unborn.

  • To use all democratic means to persuade legislators that support for life is both a responsibility and a vote winner, and to increase the awareness in the general public of voter power.

  • To express our love and compassion by promoting creative, lifegiving alternatives and by encouraging the community to take responsibility for providing support and care for those oppressed by circumstances or unable to speak for themselves.

  • To maintain and develop a respectful and caring attitude to self and one another, and to provide the support necessary for us to be united in our commitment to life.

  • To engage in sensitive interaction with other groups and individuals in the pursuit of the above goals.

Note: Some parts of this web site are still being populated with content as we migrate over from the old QRTL web site.

The truth when it comes to Queensland and abortion

Independent polling reveals Queensland attitudes on abortion


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