As an independent, voluntary, non-denominational and non-party political organisation:
  • we seek to promote respect for all human life from conception to natural death;
  • we seek to educate people on pro-life issues through all levels of media;
  • we provide resource kits on abortion and euthanasia to students and researchers;
  • we lobby for effective protection by law on life issues;
  • we are a focal point for anyone seeking information, resources or help on pro-life issues.

If you too have a respect for, and wish to protect, the intrinsic worth of human life at all ages and all stages from conception then we invite you to assist Queensland Right to Life. With your personal commitment, we, as an independent organisation funded by donations, have a powerful community voice.

Become Part of the Educational Work

  • Be Informed — Subscribe to our regular Newsletters
  • Inform Others
  • Spread the pro-life vision of hope through peaceful solutions
  • Distribute literature, videos and tapes
  • Arrange public pro-life displays (shows, shopping centres, etc)
  • Join a Cherish Life Queensland Team or Branch
  • Write Letters & Send Postcards — Available through Newsletters
  • Offer Your Help For The Annual Sanctity of Life Sunday
  • Train As A Public Or School Speaker
  • Join A Fund-Raising Team
  • Financial Assistance


As a registered subscriber you will:

  • receive our quarterly newsletter
  • assist us in continuing this vital work
  • have a positive input into the work of upholding life at all its stages of development

To become a subscriber of Cherish Life Queensland either:

  • phone your nearest branch for details
  • print the contact form and with your donation mail to:

Cherish Life Queensland
PO Box 1382
Toowong BC Qld 4066

The Back Story

When Cherish Life Queensland started as 'National Right to Life' in 1970, the only life-destroying issue we were combating was abortion. Today, we are sometimes left feeling bombarded on all sides with the many other problems the 'culture of death' has spawned, problems that were not even thought of 30 years ago.

It is possible now to destroy or experiment on human life in so many and varied ways. Now we can clone, abort, euthanase, tip out IVF embryos, extract the stem cells of spare IVF embryos or experiment on them, or use a new technique called 'xenotransplantation' to cross breed humans with animals to enhance their abilities. George Orwell didn't go nearly far enough with his fears for the future in the book '1984'. Will there be a special Olympic Games for contestants who/that are the human-animal crossbreeds, and perhaps even separate events for the different levels of crossbreeding?

Sometimes it is hard to have faith in the knowledge that 'good will always triumph over evil' but as the saying goes, ' All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing'. So this is a call to action for all the good 'men' (read also women) out there. These precious little ones (aged ones, disabled ones, unloved/unwanted ones) need all of us who 'have a voice, to be a voice for the voiceless'. Thank you all so much for your very valued support in the past - we can't do it without you, our precious pro-life supporters who are always prepared to stand up and be counted.

What can we do? We can become fully informed on the issues above. At Head Office, and in the Branch offices, are many easily understood articles on the seemingly daunting terms above and those on the ground will be more than happy to discuss or explain anything that needs clarification. We need to be up to date on information and firm in our commitment to life. Please fill in the form below with how you are able to help. You will note many of these things require no extra effort.

What can you do for Cherish Life Queensland this year?

  • Encourage others to receive our bi-monthly newsletter
  • Volunteer to do School talks
  • Introduce pro-life issues into conversations
  • Help at parents, babies and children shows
  • When positive stories are reported on TV/radio, call or write to the station to congratulate them
  • When positive stories are reported on TV/radio, contact station and ask for address of relevant people to send them a 'good on you' letter
  • Distribute stickers, bookmarks to your friends, church, school or community group
  • Promote Sanctity of Life Sunday
  • Attend/encourage others to attend the Conference
  • View videos to be more informed
  • Contact for urgent action eg writing letters to politicians etc
  • Write letters to politicians
  • Visit your state representative
  • Invite a speaker (no cost) to your community group
  • Borrow books to be more informed
  • Have a video night and invite friends to increase awareness
  • Be active in Branch activities

When charities ring seeking donations, eg diabetic, leukaemia, quadriplegic etc, ask callers can they guarantee that no embryos are being used in the research.

Volunteer to be a contact person for your church

Donations always accepted

As you are aware, many Bills that we oppose have been presented in parliament in the last few months — eg Guardianship & Administration and the Cloning Bill. Always on the agenda hovering in the background is the worry of an abortion Bill and soon, we will see embryonic stem cell research in the form of a Bill. Fighting these issues has depleted our funds, so we are calling for your support in the form of a financial donation. The smallest amount really does count. Although a separate card for donation requests has always been sent, it has been decided to include the form as part of each newsletter. We hope this will be more convenient for you. Thank you for your generosity.

Please consider Cherish Life in your will

Contact Us for details on how to make a bequest.