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Breaking: ALP makes abortion a federal election issue

Cherish Life Queensland has sharply condemned federal Labor for its election commitment to make abortion 100% free and open slather right across Australia, as unnecessary and brutal.

“Labor is becoming known as the late-term abortion party - it seems to be their disturbing obsession. Nowadays the ALP stands for the Anti-Life Party,” Ms Teeshan Johnson, executive director of Cherish Life Queensland said.

“Every extreme abortion law in the Australian states and territories has been the work of a Labor majority government with a Labor abortion Bill, and now Labor want to the same federally. It’s a disgrace and completely unnecessary - there is already abortion on demand right across Australia. Australia has one of the highest rates of abortion per capita amongst developed nations and has the worst abortion to adoption ratio.

“In Queensland, some women in rural and regional areas are being forced to have babies on the side of the road because successive state Labor governments have closed down numerous rural and regional birthing centres, while under a Labor federal government essential health funds would be used for the killing of babies. The situation for babies and women under any Labor government is dire.

“The price tag for abortions annually across Australia is close to $70 million, despite the fact that many taxpayers don’t want to pay for killing babies and harming women.

“Using more taxpayer money to further fund the killing of unborn babies is an abrogation of the first duty of government, which is to protect innocent human life. MPs and candidates of this extreme abortion mindset do not deserve to be in government, and we will be doing all we can to keep them out of government, and cause them to lose their seats to pro-life politicians.

As a consequence of Labor’s abortion platform, Cherish Life in conjunction with other pro-life communities are campaigning against EMILY’s List MPs and helping pro-life MPs ahead of the federal election. We urge all who respect human life to get involved, and put Labor last this election. A vote for Labor will be a vote for more abortion.

“Ridiculous and misleading claims from the pro-abortion lobby that the number of abortions would not increase if they were made free and even more accessible defies logic, the laws of economics and international trends. The way to decrease abortion rates is through education, better social supports and services for pregnant women like counselling, as well as adoption reform – none of these practical pro-woman measures are in Labor’s brutal policy platform. “ Ms Johnson said.


Euthanasia Campaign Based On ‘Deception and Fear’

The campaign to legalise euthanasia in Queensland is based on deception and fear, according to Cherish Life Queensland.

“There is nothing dignified about killing a vulnerable human being, who is in need of good medical care, support and protection,” Cherish Life Queensland executive director Teeshan Johnson said.

“This push to create a culture of death is utterly counter-productive to combating Australia’s suicide epidemic.

“The campaign to legalise euthanasia in Queensland is based on deception and fear.
“Euthanasia advocates give the false impression that terminally ill patients have to suffer excruciating pain and dreadful agony.

“This is simply not the case with the advanced health care available today in Australia.

“It is entirely ethical, completely legal and best medical practice for a doctor to do whatever it takes to relieve a patient’s pain, even if it has the unintended but possible effect of hastening death.

“In the very rare cases when physical pain cannot be managed adequately, palliative care specialists can use a form of light sedation to keep the dying patient comfortable, whether to allow a brief ‘time out’ at peaks of pain, or to manage terminal symptoms.  

“If euthanasia was legalised, any terminally ill patients, who need love and care, would feel pressure - whether real or imagined - to do ‘the right thing’ and request euthanasia so they are not ‘a burden on their family’.  

“No safeguards are effective when it comes to euthanasia. It is open to serious manipulation and can be the worst and ultimate form of abuse of those who are ill, elderly, or disabled.

“This is one of the many reasons why the Australian Medical Association is opposed to the legalisation of euthanasia and instead supports palliative care, which is the true form of assisted dying.

“Palliative care focuses on relieving pain and keeping patients comfortable in order to allow a natural and dignified death at their appointed time.  
“Good medical practice is all about facilitating natural death with dignity and peace.

“As part of this care, patients have autonomy and choice, as they have the right to refuse medical treatment that they consider to be futile or burdensome, or delaying the dying process.

“Doctors should kill the pain, not the patient.

“There is no need for euthanasia to be legalised and to do so would be extremely bad public policy.

“The Queensland Parliament inquiry into end-of-life issues must encompass the need for adequate resourcing of palliative care and public education on the dying process, and examine the abuses that occur in the Netherlands, one of the few countries where euthanasia is legal.”