A Brave Young Man

Today brings us the news that a brave young man stepped up to his responsibilities for his unborn child prior to the baby’s birth. He sought an injunction via the courts and the legal system to obtain an injunction to prevent his now ex-girlfriend from seeking an abortion. He has also requested a ruling that he will have full custody of the baby once the little one is born.

While his application on all accounts has failed, we commend this young man for taking responsibilities for his actions and wanting to care for his pre-born child. He has not walked away from his child and this shows great care and love for the child on his part.

While there is no apparent request by the 16 year old mother to have an abortion, this young man was trying to ensure his little one would be born.

The judge in this case stated that even if they were married (which this couple was not) there was “no common law right” of the husband which would enable him to “force his wife to carry a child to term.”

What a tragedy when the term “force his wife” is used for what should be the normal natural outcome of a pregnancy - and that is the birth of a baby.

The judge dismissed the application by saying he (the judge) did not have the jurisdiction to make orders “directed towards a foetus” and that it was his view that the jurisdiction of the court “extends to children once they are born, not before.”

The irony is that a woman cannot purchase a car in both names without the boyfriend/husband’s permission, she cannot sell the family home without his permission, but tragically she can abort his baby without his permission.

We are grateful that in this particular instance, according to the news report, the young mother (who already has a 9 month old baby from a previous relationship) is going to have this baby. We commend her for her courage in bringing this baby to birth and resisting any pressure to abort. Please keep the three of them, mum, dad and unborn baby, in your prayers.

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20120413012433/https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/fathertobe-fails-to-secure-noabortion-injunction-20120410-1wlzu.html://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/fathertobe-fails-to-secure-noabortion-injunction-20120410-1wlzu.html