Another step into madness!

The world has truly lost the plot when a court in Brussels asserts the unborn have a right to be aborted (  

With jaw-dropping horror we read of the report of the decision just published in the Belgian journal, "Revue Générale des Assurances et Responsabilités," has just published the decision handed down by the Brussels Court of Appeal on 21 September 2010 regarding the case of a child born disabled after an erroneous prenatal diagnosis.

By the court ruling that the child's parents could claim damages from the doctors who failed to detect the disability, they claimed to be "having regard not only to the interests of the mother, but also to those of the unborn child itself."  Thus, the judges considered that the child would have had the "right" to an abortion if his disability had been correctly diagnosed.

The report on the decision did not explain how the court could consider an unborn child to be able to be the 'subject of rights', and why that right was only one to be killed and not to live!

The pro-abortion lobby constantly try to make out they are fighting for 'rights', however the only 'right' they ever screech about is the right for a woman in a pregnant state to abort her baby.  You never see them protesting for more efficient and user-friendly adoption rights, nor foster 'right', just death, death and more death through abortion.