ASU — Australian Services Union or Australians Snuffing Unborns?

It would be tempting to yawn if it wasn't all so very serious.  A letter to the editor of the Courier Mail (Deal with this once and for all, 10-12-11) by Julie Bignall (branch secretary, Australian Services Union, South Brisbane) calls for the abortion law to be dealt with "once and for all" — no doubt that is what the lawmakers were doing when they wrote the law 100+ years ago.

Nothing has changed since — women still need help and support in unexpected pregnancies now as they did then, they don't need nor want abortion; life still begins at conception; and abortion still harms women, destroys babies and emasculates men.  Abortion whether "medical" or otherwise will never be moral or right.

One has to wonder are all the members of this particular union, the Australian Services Union, fully aware that some of their dues are being used to push forward an abortion agenda here in Queensland?  That their funds were used to support the abortion meeting held at the parliamentary annexe here in Brisbane in October this year where Leslie Cannold held the stage and urged all present to do all they could to get the Queensland laws relaxed so more babies could be killed in their mothers’ wombs?

One wonders how proud they all feel knowing that this is where their hard-earned cash is going; but the question really is, do they know?