Giddings — and they're not kidding!

Like water on a stone, the drip, drip, drip of the pro-abortion lobby is eroding away the value of the unborn and the protection of women being coerced into abortion.  The news that another EMILY's List member has become a premier — this time in Tasmania — is very concerning.  Lara Giddings, a founding member of EMILY's List has taken over as premier from David Bartlett who has been quoted as saying that he is stepping down to “spend more time with his children”.

This could well be true, but one can't help wondering is this the latest ploy being used by EMILY's List to ensure their members get the top jobs and thereby “the power”?  Perhaps a 'bait and switch' tactic?  Seems just a little too convenient that in 3 cases now, Queensland, Tasmania, and of course federally with the Gillard/Rudd deposing, pro-abortion women are in the top jobs. 

Will the motto of Tasmania become “Tasmania — beautiful one day, pro-abortion the next”?