Martin Sheen’s pro-life shine

Martin Sheen is pro-lifeA report on (14.4.11) covers an interview with Martin Sheen where he explains his pro-life views.  As it turns out, Janet, his wife of almost 5 decades (they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in late 2011), was born the product of a rape.  No doubt Sheen has reflected on this many times over the years, of how much poorer his life would have been without her.

Marrying young and with children arriving in quick succession, Sheen explains that when Janet found she was pregnant with their fourth child, she “didn’t quite know what to do.”  

And here is the crux of the story — the major point where the counselling Janet received all those years ago is oh, so very different in most instances from what young women receive today.  The counsellor said, “Well, you have children, you have three very healthy children.  How do you feel about them?” Janet responded, “Oh, I love them to bits.”

“Well then,” the therapist answered back, “that’s your choice, isn’t it.  You know what you’re giving up.”  Sheen adds, “And that was all she needed, she knew, and she had the child (Renée, their youngest daughter).”

Sadly today, many unexpectedly pregnant women and girls are told what they are carrying in their wombs and innately know is human, a baby, their child, is merely a “product of conception”, a “clump of cells”, and every effort is made to make sure they are not thinking of their unborn child as a child!