Mother wants son to die in her arms

A number of comments are very concerning re this article.  The main thrust of feeling is that it is all too hard for Ms Dunn to continue to care for her son as evidenced by the comment that she no longer visits her son as it is “too distressing” for her.  As we know from those who have recovered, people in a coma know and understand what is going on around them and can hear.  No doubt it gives Mr Leigep a warm feeling to know his mother puts her own feelings above his and no longer visits him.

A further comment that is rather curious is that Mark “talked about it all the time” — the ‘it’ being wishing to die rather than “live like a vegetable”.  One has to wonder why a previously normal adult male would “talk all the time” about dying and what to do if he became incapacitated.  Seems there are echos of Michael Schiavo’s comments in relation to his wife Terri’s conversations that supposedly ran along a similar vein.  (

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