Newman’s “no” — a positive position

Reported in the Brisbane Times (6.12.11) is an interview with Campbell Newman, Leader of the LNP, where he has stated publicly that he and the LNP, should they gain government, will not change the abortion laws.  This is great news.  We urge you to write to him and thank him for this public statement and politely remind him that we will be closely watching this and hold him to his promise.

For those politicians currently in government we must make them feel very uncomfortable about changing the current Queensland abortion legislation.  Let them know that liberalising the abortion laws is not a vote winner as was evidenced by Bonny Barry losing the seat of Aspley and Karen Struthers in Algester seeing a very large swing away from her, a swing over and above the average.  These two women of the “sisterhood” were the ones most likely to put forward a private member’s bill pushing abortion.

Do not be put off by letters from the current premier or her party stating that “the government has no plans to put this issue on the agenda” (or similar wording) — we are well aware that it will not be a government bill but a private member’s bill.

The push referred to in the previous blog was to have the current abortion law put before the Law Reform Commission.  This is how they weedled their way into getting the law changed in Victoria.  Do not let this happen here.  Keep the pressure on our politicians – thanking those who do not wish to change the law and offering them help between now and the state election (due in the next 6 months) and letting those who are pro-abortion know that your help is going to a pro-life candidate.  Act now!