Pretty in pink ...

The single most avoidable  risk factor  for breast cancer is...The article "Pink colours the path of a dread journey" printed in the online Brisbane Times (22.10.12) was penned by Maxine Morand.  Morand was a minister in the Brumby government and a member of EMILY's List who was turfed out in Victoria's state election.  To be a member of the female-only EMILY's List, one must agree with abortion up to the day of birth.

Currently she is the CEO of Breast Cancer Network Australia and one wonders how much effort will be put into research between the abortion/breast cancer link.  An article written by a doctor some years ago stated that 20 years ago, a doctor doing his rounds in hospital would find only older women being treated for breast cancer — now, the age is devastatingly young.  What has changed?  Let's see…

Morand states in her article 'The average age of women diagnosed with breast cancer is younger than other common cancers affecting Australians, such as prostate and bowel" — this should be reason for serious investigation as to the "Why?".

She further writes, 'For most breast cancers there is no known genetic or inherited mutation or family history' — again, what is being done to investigate the "Why?".  Surely this is cause for alarm and serious investigation?

Could one reason be something that pro-lifers have known for a very long time — that abortion, particularly abortion of a first pregnancy, is the common cause?

Putting the immorality and emotion of abortion aside for a moment, let's look physiologically at the explanation for this.  In simple terms, when a female becomes pregnant, her hormones rise substantially higher.  These hormones cause changes in the breast tissue as the breasts change towards their final stage of producing breast milk for babies.  If these changes are artificially truncated by abortion, it leaves the breast with many undifferentiated cells and it is these undifferentiated cells that are prone to causing breast cancer.

Note that we are not saying that every women who has had breast cancer has had an abortion, but what we are saying, is that every women who has had an abortion has an increased risk of breast cancer.

There is an old expression that says, "God always forgives, humans sometimes forgive, nature never forgives."  Perhaps abortion isn't the panacea that it seems — and nature, in her unforgiving way, is telling us that.  So no matter how many bridges we adorn with pink lights or how many pink badges are sold, until there is full recognition and serious prevention of abortion, women will lose their lives to breast cancer.

Having a baby and a number of subsequent babies, particularly at a younger rather than older age, is a good safeguard against breast cancer due to the breast cells being allowed to fully mature.