Pro-abortion lobby out-polled again!

Just one week ago a transparent legitimate representative sample of Queenslanders were polled by Galaxy who had been commissioned by the Australian Family Association to discern where public opinion in relation to the decriminalisation of abortion truly lies with the people of Queensland.

The main findings are very telling, particularly in light of the very strange case in Cairns recently.  Strange as there are still too many unanswered questions surrounding that case, the error in the way the judge directed the jury and the very possible connection between the couple and a particular medical person in Cairns.  So even with a poster couple being tsunamied forward as martyrs by the pro-abortion lobby, seems Queenslanders have seen through the charade and are re-stating what we already knew a few years ago.

The main findings of the poll were:

94% of Queenslanders polled believe that a woman should receive free independent counselling and information so that she can make a fully informed decision.  Comment:  Something the "unhappy ones" — aka pro-abortion lobby — have strenuously ensured definitely does not happen.

9 out of 10 (ie 88%) of Queenslanders believe that there should be a cooling off period of several days between making the appt for an abortion and the actual operation.  This opinion holds across age and gender demographics. Comment:  Again, our "friends" certainly don't want this to occur as a customer may be lost to their money-making business of abortion. 

3 in 4 (77%) believe that abortion can harm the mental and physical health of a woman.  Comment:  There is no,  repeat no evidence to show abortion improves women's mental health!

9 in 10 (86%) support conscientious objection provisions allowing doctors and nurses to opt out of having to perform abortions against their will.  Comment:  This conscientious objection provision was thrown out in Victoria in 2008 and if the pro-abortion lobby have their way, our Queensland doctors and nurses may be forced to participate in abortion!

40% believe that the current law on abortion in Queensland is 'about right' with 9% believing it is  'not restrictive enough' — this makes 49% as opposed to 47% 'too restrictive'.  The 4% balance stating they 'don't know'.  Comment:  So, as per previous legitimate polls, Queenslanders do not want the legislation against abortion to be removed.

50% say abortion should not be decriminalised.  Interestingly — and showing our young people are wiser than perhaps some of their elders — in the 18-34 age group, 60% say abortion should not be decriminalised.  This, no doubt, will send the pro-abortion lobby into a frenzy as they will be seething that they are losing potential future customers.  Remember — the abortion industry is a money-making industry.  One only has to watch Blood Money ( to see that.

When we look at online polls (and of course these can be engineered to some extent), back in 2009 prior to the state elections, the online polls reflected an overwhelming result against decriminalisng abortion.  With the current online poll on the Brisbane Times website (see screen grab below), the poll currently stands at a whopping 69% against any liberalisation of the laws against abortion (61% 'laws should be tighter', 8% 'laws should stay as they are').  This blows out of the water the 28% saying the laws should be 'softer'.

Brisbane Times poll shortly before closing.

Over and over again, through all means of polling, Queenslanders repeatedly state they do not want abortion laws liberalised.  When will the pro-abortion lobby take note and stop their screeching for more and more abortions?