Question: When is a foetus an unborn baby?

Question:  When is a foetus an unborn baby?
Answer:  When the media wants it to be!

On 27 March 2011 the Ch 9 news website carried the story titled “Vic woman loses unborn baby in car plunge.”  

This tragic single vehicle accident caused trauma both to the mother and to the unborn baby and according to the article the baby was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Royal Women’s Hospital. 

There are two issues that amaze in relation to this news item – 

  1. the article calls the unborn baby exactly that, an unborn baby, not a foetus or other ‘distancing’ term.  Whilst a medically accurate word, the term “foetus” is often used to dehumanise the baby;
  2. the second fascinating thing about this article is that it states that “Police are adding the unborn baby's death to the road toll which now stands at 67...”

This is (though tragic) a wonderful validation of this precious unborn baby’s life however the question has to be asked, why are the lives of countless other 30 week old unborn Victorian babies given the same validation but are tossed in the garbage after being aborted at that stage and even later stages?