“Relief for 1000’s of women” but WHAT ABOUT THE BABIES?

This news article screened on 7 News (13 February 2013) has the banner under the photo shouting out the words “Better protection” along with an ultrasound image of a pre-born baby. Wow, must be some great thing that will ensure the safety of a babe in the womb, mustn’t it? Mustn’t it???

Nope, we were wrong.  This “better protection” is for the ‘benefit’ of the mothers and the joy of the doctors that next to no more babies with Down Syndrome will escape with their lives!  According to the report, the test is 99% accurate.

What that means is, instead of a mum with a pre-born baby suspected of having the ‘extra love’ chromosome (as Mike Sullivan of Saving Downs puts it — www.savingdowns.com and their Facebook page) being given love and support and offered information about Down Syndrome, she will instead be “counselled” by a ‘genetic counsellor’ to abort her baby.

There are many many couples who are childless who would love a baby, any baby, even a baby with Down Syndrome.  They are just waiting to welcome them into their homes and into their hearts — and one woman, Alex Bell, welcomed lots more than one!   Read the book “A Mother Like Alex” and be encouraged and uplifted that if she can do it, so can many more.

To those pregnant mums out there reading this and worrying about your child being diagnosed with DS, have courage — you can do this!  Ask your doctor for information about how to cope with the problems children with DS typically have.  Get in touch with the aforementioned Saving Downs organisations and most importantly, just love your child.  They will love you back more than you ever imagined.  It IS worth it!