Sex education 'too little too late'

This article bears out what we hear directly from the students when in the schools.  They are fed up to the back teeth with sex ed — what they want is relationship training.  These young people comment regularly that they want to learn about the whole relationship ie conflict resolution, negotiating on what is appropriate for their relationship.  One young girl in Yr 9 commented that she would like to know how to budget and how to shop and cook for a week’s worth of family meals.

Further, young people say that “no-one expects them not to have sex and ‘everyone’ expects that they will have sex” whilst at school and particularly at Schoolies.  Sometimes they feel pressured to fulfill that expectation — frequently to their detriment.  They comment that they feel let down by the older generation who they feel are a little sex-mad.

Perhaps it is time a “worth waiting for” program was backed by the government and education departments — a program that elevates a young person’s feeling of their worth, rather than reducing them to something akin to a basic animal instinct.

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