The money won't matter to your children

One of the many reasons blithely trotted out for not continuing a pregnancy is that a child will be brought in to poverty and this would therefore be a terrible thing. But it's not at all what matters.

Rising AFL footballer Moana Hope revealed on Seven's 'Sunday Night' programme that "growing up the way we grew up and having what we have is something money can't get. And if I explained to you my upbringing you'd probably say I didn't have much. But for us we had something nobody else had and that was like the richest love".

She was a member of a large family growing up in a two bedroom Housing Commission home on the outskirts of Melbourne. Looking back she can see that they did it tough, but they never knew it as a kid.

The truth is that children just don't care about money. What makes their world is the time you spend with them and the emotional availability of having you around.

Moana and her thirteen brothers and sisters also survived the untimely death of her father when she was 14 and they continue to have an abundance of family life. With this many children and such a family orientated culture, her mother will never be lonely in her old age.