The push to decriminalise abortion in Qld has started — TIME TO TAKE ACTION — NOW!

As expected, the pro-abortion lobby are very agitated as time marches on towards a state election.  They have recently had Leslie Cannold up here to Brisbane to speak (see p3 Cherish Life newsletter November 2011) — a well-known shrill voice for the death and destruction of the unborn.  In today’s Courier Mail (Tue 6 Dec 2011) there is a short ‘pointer’ article (p14) alerting the reader to seek out the Viewpoint article on p22 entitled “Obsolete laws fail to reflect the community’s position on abortion.”

Nicholas Fisk, one of the orchestrators of the article was one of the “experts” called to testify in the Cairns case of Tegan Leech and Sergie Brennan.  He was also the person who introduced Cannold at the function here in Brisbane recently.  Being a fetal medicine specialist, it is tragic that he is walking hand in hand with the proponents of death, the pro-abortion lobby who are desperate to force through a change in the abortion law.  WE CANNOT LET HAPPEN HERE WHAT HAPPENED IN VICTORIA.

THERE IS NO GREATER NEED NOW THAN TO STAND UP FOR THE UNBORN — write, visit, fax, email Paul Lucas, the Attorney-General.  Mr Lucas is supposed to be a Catholic and the Catholic faith has always stood firm on the value of human life from conception until natural death.  Anna Bligh too was supposed to have been baptised Catholic.  There is a time and a place to remind politicians of their faith position and what decisions they make in parliament.  NOW IS THAT TIME.  It is VITAL that you do not fail in this task now.  So, what are you doing still reading this?  Get on the phone, get emailing, go visit!  Thank you.

For those of you who are unaware of what has happened in Victoria, watch this video.