The UK leads the way

For mothers with unwanted babies, adoption is now being promoted as the “golden option”.  Why?  Possibly because Europe is staring down the barrel of a population demographic nightmare thanks in part to abortion.  Combined with an aging population with people now living longer, there simply won't be enough taxpayers to keep the continent going.

As disclosed in the previous Cherish Life newsletter, the European fertility rate is substantially below the level of 2.1 children that is required to maintain a stable population.

As noted in the Daily Mail article (6.7.11), the politicians have now put pressure on the country's social workers to end their decades of hostility to adoption and to scrap racial rules when it comes to allocating children to adoptees.  People over 40 will no longer be barred from adopting.  With this recent development, adoption is merely one of many options available to a mother, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Whilst the Daily Mail article suggests adding adoption as a third option alongside abortion, Cherish Life Queensland Inc stands firm that abortion is not an option and we in no way condone abortion under any circumstance.