When only a girl will do...

It was with great sadness that we saw the article in The Courier-Mail on Saturday 8 January 2011 headlined “Couple fight to choose IVF baby's sex.”  As we read the first paragraph, it became immediately apparent that there was far more to the story than just 'choosing' the gender of their next child.  According to the article, the couple have 3 sons and were “grieving for the newborn daughter they lost” — grieving the loss of their newborn daughter so much that they were prepared to, and subsequently did, abort twin baby boys conceived through IVF!  

What message is this portraying to their 3 already-born sons?  These already-born sons have now become victims of abortion.  As they get older and begin to realise what has really happened with regards to the aborting of their siblings, their sense of their worth in the eyes of their parents may well hit some very rocky ground.  

It was reported this couple are pursuing avenues through VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) to have their rejected “choose gender request” overturned.  Sadly, just like so many other 'bleeding hearts' cases, it will be used as a wedge to force the allowing of gender-choice in the IVF industry.  

We have reached a stage in society that allows these tiny purposely-created (via IVF) twin boys' lives to be considered so disposable that for the mere reason of the parents wanting a daughter, society allows these parents to have their unborn sons killed by abortion!    

We must continue to fight to stop the “me first” culture of death that has so invaded our society.