Yet another “yuck” moment!

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more convoluting of the truth that abortion is deadly to the baby and harmful to the mother, Planned Parenthood tweets that it is ‘sexy’.  Yes, you read that right — sexy!

According to the report only two people tweeted a response agreeing with PP’s tweet; no doubt one was probably the PP tweeter and a colleague!  

As a non-supporter of abortion tweeted, there is nothing sexy about the dismemberment of a child.

How much further down the gutter will PP go to make abortion ‘appealing’?  Haven’t they got the message yet — abortion is no longer ‘popular’ like it used to be as evidenced by the continually increasing numbers of people calling themselves pro-life, and they younger generation are to be thanked for that.  They have seen the sorrow and destruction of abortion in their relatives and friends and they don’t want to be part of it.

Please help close PP abortion mills by being part of a peaceful prayerful campaign by joining the 40 Days of Prayer for Life Campaign.  If there is none in your local area, you can pray at a specific time every week especially for this campaign.  On behalf of all the pre-born that will be saved, thank you in advance!