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A new study has discovered that some patients who are completely paralysed, are able to respond to communication and even answer questions.  Over 3 years, British and Belgium scientists studied 23 patients diagnosed as being in a vegetative state, using a technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) which detects large flows of blood to different regions of the brain.  

Their research proved that some patients were conscious, but unable to communicate.  When asked questions, scientists could detect a change in brain activity in some patients.

This proves what many of us have known all along — that even though the brain may not be able to make the body move outwardly, there can still be vital cognitive function going on inwardly.

The term ‘brain dead’ is often used in relation to patients that are in the state mentioned above.  This is then used as a reason to remove organs for organ donation.  If the brain was truly dead, so would the body be dead.  In such a situation, the organs would be useless from transplant as they too, would be dead.  “Brain dead” is a misnomer.

Scans showing brain activations
Scans show brain activations in, above, a healthy person as he answers "yes" or "no" to a question and, below, in someone whom doctors have deemed to be in a vegetative state. 

Recently Mr Aidan McLindon, MP for Beaudesert is challenging for the deputy leadership of the LNP.  We encourage you all to give him your fullest support as he stands for life ie he holds to our life values in all areas.  

Cherish Life Queensland Inc is non-party political and we do not support any political party.  We do however, support any politician who believes in the value of and has respect for human life.

In one week we have seen Tony Abbott, a pro-life politician elevated to the leadership role of the federal Liberal party by his peers by one vote.  Mr Abbott  is well-known for his pro-life views.  We hope that he continues to hold strong to them when the going gets tough. 

Interestingly, in the same week we have seen Kristina Kenneally become the first female Premier of New South Wales.  Although she is a member of the Labor party, she is not on Emily’s List and though she leaves a lot to be desired in regards to her  views on abortion, she is somewhat better than her predecessor.

And now for Queensland ...

The horror stories told by pro-abortionists of "backyard abortions" are happening in the very places they are never supposed to ie major hospitals in capital cities.  At the same time that Queensland Health are sending women interstate for abortions, an aunt is saying "Tell those mothers not to come here.”

As reported by (28-December-09),

"The 17-year-old mother was hysterical when she gave birth to the dead baby at her home at Nguiu on Bathurst Island following the abortion on January 15, the girl's aunt said.  "She was really hurt and cried and then she turned to my sister and said you're a murderer, you're a murderer, you made me kill my baby," she said."

Far from having the dead baby 'removed' after he had been killed as part of the abortion, the mother-to-be eventually delivered what was recognisable as an unborn baby she could even tell that the baby was a boy.

Typically, the abortion mill didn't want to know anything about it as reported by the girl's aunt.

Royal Darwin Hospital states "The doctor who performed the procedure is one of RDH's most experienced practitioners in obstetrics and the hospital believes the patient was treated in a safe and appropriate manner …" (emphasis ours)  Documents obtained by the Northern Territory News show the doctor "failed to evacuate the baby' — if this is the 'competence' shown by a doctor in a major hospital, imagine the level of 'competence' of those who work at the abortion mills!

Many in the medical profession believe that doctors who perform abortions are “second-rate doctors” — this article certainly appears to support that view.

The mother-to-be was forced to abort by her own mother so that she could "complete Year 12".  It begs the question why it would have been impossible to 'complete Year 12" with a baby on the way?  Women actually manage to continue working in high pressure jobs, drive cars, operate machinery and yes, study at Uni and other institutions when they are pregnant.  They are pregnant — not ill or lacking in intelligence just because they are pregnant.

So now, in addition to a dead baby that she will never forget, the relationship of trust between her and her mother has been shattered.  Her own doctor states that she is now "suffering from severe psychological stress" from the procedure.  There is a great deal more 'fallout' from abortion, some that this poor pressured girl is already suffering and some effects that will show up later in life, perhaps when she finds she has been physically damaged and another baby is not a possibility.

Women — please don't  have an abortion.  There ARE other options.  If you are under pressure to have an abortion, many resources are available to assist you — call Ph 07 3871 2445 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further help.

You don't need to endure an endless tragedy — women do regret their abortions.

Amazing news article reported 23.11.09 in the UK of a car crash victim who appeared to be in a coma for but is now ‘awake’.

Rom Houben has lived in an outwardly unresponsive body for the past 23 years however recently a Dr Laureys decided to do a hi-tech screening of his brain and he and the medics involved were stunned to see not only was Mr Houben’s brain functioning, but functioning almost completely normally even though he had been originally diagnosed as being in a “persistent vegetative state” and that his consciousness was ‘extinct’.

The amazing discovering that he was not in a coma but had heard and understood every conversation over the 23 years proves that not only are diagnoses not always correct, but often it is just a simple advance in technology that is needed.

Dr Laureys's new study claims that patients classed as in a vegetative state are often misdiagnosed.  “Anyone who bears the stamp of "unconscious" just one time hardly ever gets rid of it again,” he said.

With therapy, Mr Houben is now able to tap out messages on a computer screen and read books with aid of a special device that allows him to read lying down and also to tap out messages on a computer screen.

Dr Laureys's new study claims that patients classed as in a vegetative state are often misdiagnosed.

'Anyone who bears the stamp of "unconscious" just one time hardly ever gets rid of it again,' he said.

'I shall never forget the day when they discovered what was truly wrong with me - it was my second birth.

'I want to read, talk with my friends via the computer and enjoy my life now that people know I am not dead' 

The doctor, who leads the Coma Science Group and Department of Neurology at Liege University Hospital, found Mr Houben's brain was still working by using state-of-the-art imaging.

He plans to use the case to highlight what he considers may be similar examples around the world.

Dr Laureys said: 'In Germany alone each year some 100,000 people suffer from severe traumatic brain injury.

'About 20,000 are followed by a coma of three weeks or longer. Some of them die, others regain health

'But an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 people a year remain trapped in an intermediate stage - they go on living without ever coming back again.'

Supporters of euthanasia and assisted suicide argue that people who have lain in persistent vegetative states for years should be given the opportunity to have crucial medical support withdrawn because of the 'indignity' of their condition.

But there have been several cases in which people judged to be in vegetative states or deep comas have recovered.

Twenty years ago, Carrie Coons, an 86-year-old from New York, regained consciousness after a year, took small amounts of food by mouth and engaged in conversation.

Only days before her recovery, a judge had granted her family's request for the removal of the feeding tube which had been keeping her alive.

In the UK in 1993, doctors switched off the life support system keeping alive Tony Bland, a 22-year- old who had been in a coma for three years following the Hillsborough disaster.

Dr Laureys was not available for comment yesterday and it is not clear why he though Mr Houben should have the hi-tech screening after so many years had passed.