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There are many ironies in life — not least the appointment of Suzanne Dvorak as CEO of Save the Children Australia.  For those of you who are unaware, Dvorak was General Manager of Marie Stopes International — an aggressive abortion-providing business — from April 2003 til taking up her current position in February of this year.

She first came to our attention back in 2005 when on a domestic flight, the flight attendant drew all passengers' attention to the 'health page' article on the airlines free in-flight magazine.  Thinking this a very unusual comment to be made over the PA, we turned to that page to see Dvorak's large photo and her comments on what had occurred when she took over managing the "day care" centres (soft wording for the abortion mills of Marie Stopes International).  So not only have the pro-abortion lot made the word 'choice' a loaded word, they now take a wholesome word to describe places where children are taken care of and make it mean places where unborn children are taken care of!

We hope one day Dvorak has a change of heart and helps save the unborn children too.

Recently The Courier Mail conducted a phone poll of 800 people and proclaimed that the majority were in favour of abortion being decriminalised.  Interestingly, their own internet poll showed a totally different result with over 67% of people voting NO to the decriminalisation of abortion with over 7875 people voting (at last check - 10am 18/9/09).  The pro-abortion e-petition on the Queensland Parliament website had a mere 2453 voting to decriminalise it. 

Abortion poll result in progress
Above: Poll result in progress

The result above of 7875 people with over 67% of them voting against decriminalisation amounts to  5392 people voting NO.

Perhaps the Queensland MPs should keep this to mind.  People do not want abortion - let's be a little more creative than death as a solution.  Let's help put in place agencies and organisations that will help remove the difficult circumstance rather than remove the baby.

On a rather chilly evening last week (Wed 10 June) a small group of pro-abortion advocates calling themselves "Social Alternatives" met in Queens Park.  This is not the first time they have met there — it seems they like to follow our lead and meet where we meet (Queens Park that we hold our Rally For Life in each year) and use the colour we chose (purple — a strong colour symbolising nobility and we know our cause is noble, and spirituality as we know we are defending little ones created in God's own image).  Due to their copycat mentality, doesn't appear a lot of original thinking seems to flow from their members.

One young woman wearing a scarf similar in markings to those commonly seen in war torn countries was most upset that the "so called Cherish Life" people are daring to hold our AGM and Conference at Parliament House.  She seemed quite incensed that we were able to use this venue — a venue we have been using for our AGM for some years now.  Apparently we are "anti-choice bigots" who "get more confident" each event we hold.  

There was some irony in her saying that the abortion law needing changing so her children would not have to be protesting in the future.  Nice to know that there is a thought of children for her and we hope and pray it becomes a reality one day.  Children are amazing for their innocence, love and trust that they hold for their parents.  

Towards the end of their time in the park another young woman called for a show of hands as to whether they should march on the footpath or on the street.  According to her count, 22 wanted to march on the street and 22 on the footpath indicating the group consisted of about 44.  Hardly seems a "majority" of people want abortion on demand.  We had over 1000 in the park for the Rally For Life in February, just a little over 44…

Dutch scientists have discovered that 30-week foetuses have memories, shown by the study in the July/August 2009 issue of the journal Child Development conducted by researchers at Maastricht University Medical Centre and the University Medical Centre St.

A 30-week foetus has a short-term memory of about 10 minutes, and a 34-week-old foetus can store information and remember it as long as four weeks later the study states.

This information must be a bit of a thorn in the side for those who don’t hold to prolife values as seems to be evidenced by NARAL’s (National Abortion Rights Action League) lack of response when called by the Washington Times asking for a comment.

Click here to read the full article in Science Daily

"Abortion doctor halts pill supply" is the title for an article in today’s Courier Mail (3.6.09).  And we say “hooray!”  Unborn babies in Cairns and surrounds can breathe a sigh of relief, temporary though it may be.  However, this reeks of yet another attempt by the pro-abortion lot to push forward with their deathly plans to legalise abortion up to the day of birth, for any or no reason at all.

Why is Da Costa frightened of going to jail when she is legally prescribing a drug that is legally imported into Australia?  However immoral or unethical it may be to kill a child by abortion, she legally applied for the licence to use this destructive drug to destroy the lives of little unborn Queenslanders.  

Interestingly she herself has stated that of the 24 pills she imported she hadn't even used half of them - so where is the demand for this form of abortion that she said was such a need for today's woman?   

And yet again euphemisms are used by the media – the last sentence ends with “…remove a pregnancy”.  Women don’t birth a pregnancy at the end of 9 months as ‘pregnancy’ is a state of being.  They birth a baby so why do the pro-abortion lobby and the media have so much trouble just telling it as it is?

Abortion, by whatever means, never helps a woman - it merely replaces a live baby with a dead one.

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