What is Jackie Trad hiding on abortion?

Questions need to be answered, says Cherish Life president

The Queensland Law Reform Commission currently is conducting an inquiry into the reform of abortion law in Queensland.

Immediately prior to Christmas (on 23 December) advertisements were published inviting the public to make submissions. Submissions closed on 13 February 2018 and the scheduled deadline date for the QLRC to report to Parliament is 30 June 2018.

Yet at a rally on 21 January this year, it now has been revealed that Ms Trad told abortion supporters that the QLRC would “come back to us [the Government] in March this year.” (i)

“Is this a sign of more shenanigans from Jackie Trad and her radical pro-abortion supporters?” asked Cherish Life president Julie Borger.

“Only a little over a year ago, two parliamentary inquiries effectively rejected abortion law reform and the two bills moved by Independent MP Rob Pyne were withdrawn from the Parliament because of their pending defeat, yet it seems those who want to remove the last protections in Queensland for unborn children won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Mrs Borger noted that the overwhelming majority of submissions to both inquiries opposed change and the No position was supported by 83% of the submissions to the parliamentary inquiry and 55,604 Queenslanders via two petitions.

“The QLRC inquiry is now under a cloud of possible foul play,” she said.

“Queenslanders have spoken out firmly and overwhelmingly to say they do not want these reforms.

“The referral to the QLRC smacks of a government more intent on foisting an extreme ideology upon this state than it is about good governance and proper process.

“And now according to the Deputy Premier’s own words, the QLRC process looks like being truncated. Why?” Mrs Borger asked.

“Jackie Trad needs to come clean about her comments and she needs to explain her words to all Queenslanders and the Parliament.

“Cherish Life is concerned that what should be an arm’s length review by the QLRC is being influenced by political expediency and extreme ideology.

“If Trad’s ‘inside knowledge’ of a truncated process is proven to be the case, then there are many other questions in need of answers. Certainly, Queenslanders would do well to be sceptical about the QLRC process and outcome if such interference is proven.”


(i) At the Women’s March in Brisbane pre-rally (King George Square) on Sunday 21 January 2018, Deputy-Premier Jackie Trad said:“We committed in the last term that we would refer all of the bills and all of the consultation and submissions that occurred in the last term around two bills, introduced in to the Queensland Parliament to decriminalise and regulate abortion in this state to the Law Reform Commission and they are doing their work. And they will come back to us in March this year and we have made a commitment to the women of Queensland, ah, to all Queenslanders, that we will work on their recommendations to modernize and to decriminalise laws in this state.”


For more info, please contact Cherish Life Queensland president Julie Borger 0412 692 343 or secretary Andrew Smith 0413 839 970.