Rob Pyne MP withdrew his two private member's bills to avoid an embarrassing defeat which would have set the Queensland pro-abortion movement back by years.  These dangerous bills were designed to totally decriminalise abortion in Queensland with no safeguards in place.

Babette Francis explains the link between abortion and a greater incidence of breast cancer, and what you can do to protect yourself. Information presented includes the results from the latest studies on the issue.  (2010)

Gianna Jesson is a survivor of a saline abortion. That's right, and the abortionist who failed to kill her ended up having to sign her certificate of live birth!  This is her story, recorded in September 2008.

DR JANET GROSS graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1978 with a Medical Degree. She has bravely stood up for life by defying the coercive abortion laws in Victoria by putting up a sign outside her Dandenong medical practice (prior to the change in the abortion law in October 2008) stating that she will not refer for abortion. The sign read “Dear Patients: I do not refer women for abortion. I will not obey the proposed legislation forcing doctors to refer for abortion.” (2009)

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