Abortion Death — and this time not "just" the baby!

Abortion Death — and this time not "just" the baby!

Yep, abortion is safe...  well isn’t it?  That’s what the abortion industry tells the vulnerable women coming to them down the ‘closed-door abortion-only corridor’ they have created.  According to the report, a 42 year old woman died after having an abortion at the renamed Marie Stopes International Maroondah abortion mill (previously called Croydon Day Surgery).

This abortion death house has been under investigation on four previous occasions – one has to wonder how many other problems there have slipped under the radar.  Of these investigations, one involved the anaesthetist James Latham Peters who is alleged to have infected over 50 women with Hepatitis C between 2008 and 2009.  Mark Schulberg, the doctor who owns the abortion mill was found guilty of unprofessional conduct in 2009 when an abortion was performed on an intellectually disabled woman without her consent; as well as for a late-term abortion being done on another woman who was subsequently hospitalised.  This is hardly a surprise —as seen time and again, the deathly abortion industry does not attract the cream of the crop of doctors. 

"... we confirm the death of a female patient, who attended our associate registered day procedure centre in Maroondah on Wednesday, December 14, passed away at Box Hill Hospital on Sunday, December 18," Ms Deveson Crabbe, chief executive (executioner?) of the Marie Stopes abortion mills said. 

The death is currently being investigated by the coroner.  This will not bring this woman back to life, it will not restore her baby to her womb, and it will not create a happy Christmas for her family.

Terry Sweetman, columnist, wrote an article (CM 21.10.11) unsurprisingly calling for the legalisation of abortion.  To him in particular, and all involved in the abortion industry in general, the question has to be asked — abortion is legal up to the day of birth in Victoria, has this made abortion safe?  Of course not!  Just because something is legal, does not make it safe. 

Abortion KILLS BABIES.  Abortion EMASCULATES MEN and robs them of their responsibilities. And tragically ABORTION HARMS WOMEN – sometimes in a deadly fashion.