Children Born Alive Bill - going to Parliament on Monday - please contact your MP

Children Born Alive Bill - going to Parliament on Monday - please contact your MP!



George Christensen's Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021 is being presented to the Australian House of Representatives this Monday 21 June at approximately 10:30am by Mr Christensen, being seconded by former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Member for New England (NSW). 

If passed, the Bill would mandate that babies born alive in abortions around Australia who are viable would be given medical care. Presently, Queensland, Victoria, the ACT, Tasmania, the NT and Western Australia all leave these babies to die. 

In a press release on Wednesday Mr Christensen said some final additions had been made to his Private Member’s Bill titled Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Act 2021:

The additions to the bill are a new reporting requirement for medical practitioners to report children born alive as a result of abortion within seven days,” Mr Christensen said. “The other change is to underscore the false notion that the Bill would require medical practitioners to provide life-saving treatments to non-viable babies. 

“It does this by stating that the care or treatment provided would be commensurate to the circumstances and could include palliative care.” 

In pursuit of the law change, Mr Christensen said he was “asking my parliamentary colleagues, and in fact, our entire community to consider the painful question: ‘What happens to a child born alive during a late term abortion?’

 “The uncomfortable truth is that the child is left to die.” 

“The bill makes it an offence not to provide life-saving treatment punishable with penalties of higher than $400,000 for health practitioners and higher for corporations,” Mr Christensen said.

“It also could see health practitioners who breach the law deregistered in Australia. 

“I encourage others to lend their support for this action via my website”


Mr George Christensen spoke about his Bill at the most recent March for Life Brisbane on 8 May 2021, pictured on the left holding a sign supporting his Bill. Alongside fellow speakers (L-R) Senator Amanda Stoker, Mark Robinson MP, Martyn Iles (MD of the ACL), Teeshan Johnson, (Cherish Life) and Senator Matt Canavan (picture by Adrian Wedderburn Photography).

Please email your federal MP today asking them to vote in support of the Human Rights Bill (Children Born Alive) Bill 2021.