COVID Emergency laws used to push DIY home abortions in South Australia

COVID Emergency law used to push DIY home abortions in South Australia

Under South Australia's COVID-19 Emergency Response 2020 Act dangerous DIY "telehealth" home abortions may be legalised early this week via a declaration by the State Emergency Co-ordinator - the Police Commissioner, Grant Stevens.

This Emergency Act, which bypasses all normal democratic processes, has been hijacked by extreme abortion law advocates, who are using it to push their agenda. It actually seems premeditated.

South Australia's pro-abortion Deputy-Premier and Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman, as well as other pro-abortion politicians, have been on ABC radio in recent weeks singing the praises of "telehealth abortions". It's outrageous. Dangerous killing laws are the last thing South Australians need, particularly at this time.

South Australian residents are encouraged to email the SA Police Commissioner today at [email protected] marking it to the attention of the POLICE COMMISSIONER - GRANT STEVENS in the subject line, asking him to reject this extreme law change.

Points you may like to mention:

- These laws would make pregnant women and girls very vulnerable to domestic violence by effectively making the home an abortion centre. 

- These types of abortions are very dangerous with almost a 10% complication rate. To allow them to occur in the home with no adequate follow-up is particularly dangerous.

- We don't need (or want) dangerous DIY home abortions in our state - tragically there are already state-funded abortions for any reason up to 28 weeks gestation in South Australia. 

- Underage girls would be able to access these abortions without parental consent. It is completely unacceptable.

- Sadly, abortions are already treated as an "essential service" in South Australia even during the COVID-19 pandemic and a woman can easily get an abortion under the current laws.

- This seems a premeditated move by the SA Parliament members who are affiliated with the abortion lobby to have DIY home abortions enshrined in SA law. Such a dangerous and extreme proposed law change should be subject to the democratic process of parliamentary scrutiny and debate. 

SA residents, please urgently email Grant Stevens today: [email protected]