Please give towards the gift of Life

Please give towards the gift of Life

Cherish Life Queensland was Australia’s first pro-life advocacy group, we have been championing life since 1970.

We relentlessly stand against attacks on human life by advocating for the for the right to life from conception until natural death in government, media, church, education and community spheres.  We are opposed to abortion and euthanasia, and are for better supports for pregnant women, and better health services including palliative and aged-care care.  

At elections we campaign strongly to achieve life-valuing outcomes and government.

We rely on the support of good-hearted Australians like yourselves, as we don’t receive any government or corporate funding.

With your support we can continue to advocate and fight for the right to life, including start to the roll back of extreme abortion laws across Australia.

Please give generously to the gift of Life.


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