Exclusion Zones Ruling: a Sad Day for Democracy & a Crushing Blow to the Unborn


In a week where we have seen militant vegan activism, those protecting innocent babies and their mothers are being told they have no place in our society.” Ms Teeshan Johnson, executive director of Cherish Life Queensland

Cherish Life Queensland has condemned the High Court decision to uphold exclusion zones around clinics as tragic for the unborn and a blight on democracy.

“It’s a very disappointing decision. It’s a crushing defeat for democracy and almost as much as it is for the unborn.” Ms Teeshan Johnson, executive director of Cherish Life Queensland said.

“There have been many cases of women making a decision to keep their babies after encountering kind and caring ‘side-walk’ counselors outside abortion clinics. As well as saving babies, they have saved women from the agony of regret and sometimes-physical injury that comes with abortion. Such kindness is about saving women as much as it is saving babies. 

“People should also have the right to pray outside abortion clinics, but that democratic right to practice ones faith has been quashed today.

“Despite all the medical evidence proving the humanity of the unborn, including sophisticated ultra-sounds and embryology, our legal systems refuses personhood to the unborn before birth. No other rights make sense, if the right to life is not extended to unborn human beings. 

“Just this week Melbourne vegan activists brought the city to a grinding holt. In Queensland vegan activists trespassed, frightened primary industry workers and even demanded three lambs from an abattoir - yet no one has been charged. The hypocrisy and double standards in our justice system beggars belief. It appears the Australian legal system protects chickens and lambs more than unborn human beings.

“It is a sad day for Australia when our highest judiciary favours protecting of an industry which destroys human lives over the democratic freedoms of peaceful citizens.” Ms Johnson said.


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