Greens plan to force Christian hospitals to perform abortions

Greens plan to force Christian hospitals to perform abortions

The Greens have a plan to nationalise, that is to make public, all of Queensland's private hospitals, including Catholic and other Christian hospitals. That means these hospitals would be forced under the current law to provide abortions, even late-term ones for any reason

Queensland Greens seem proud of this extreme position and have a petition running called "Nationalise Queensland Public Hospitals", making clear its intention " bring all private hospitals in Queensland into public hands."

Another key Green abortion aim is 100% free abortions - meaning the humble taxpayer would be forced to fit the entire bill of abortions, even late-term healthy babies of healthy women. Presently most abortions in Australia attract a Medicare rebate with a considerable gap component that the girl or woman pays. The Greens are maneuvering so the entire cost of all abortions is paid for by the taxpayer. They would also push for more abortions to be performed at public hospitals in Queensland, including those Christian hospitals they would force to become public. Before the Labor Government legalised abortion to birth for any reason in 2018, only 2% of abortions in Queensland were performed at public hospitals, with the vast majority at private clinics (Queensland Health has not released any statistics on abortion since the 2018 law change). Suddenly funnelling even more abortions to public hospitals would put another tremendous burden on our health system. Under the Queensland Greens "Reproductive Rights" policy their state-funded abortion goal is very clear: "Improve availability of termination procedures across the state.... by the establishment of termination services in public facilities."

The Greens have been long-term agitators for state-funded ("free") abortions as well as legal abortion to term without restraint - it has been in their policy platform from day one. Their abortion policy states: "Access to affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare, including abortion and contraception, is part of every woman’s right to control her own body. Rural and low-income women can face long distances and high costs. We must expand access via the public hospital system…" It would fair to say the emergence of the Greens is a major reason why Labor over the last 30 years has drifted into a dangerous socially-engineered anti-life (even hell-bent) place.  Some Greens even take their pro-abortion stance a step further and are infanticide advocates. One of their most prominent people, philosopher Peter Singer, now professor of Bioethics at Princeton University in the US, who had a formative role in the Greens and ran for the Senate soon after the party officially launched in 1992, has openly taught that infanticide of babies with mental or physical disabilities until the age of about two years is perfectly ethical. Professor Singer also has publicly spoken in favour of euthanasia, and argues bestiality and necrophilia are not immoral in some circumstances.

Legalising euthanasia is also part of the Greens policy platform. The Greens official euthanasia policy is called "Dying with dignity - a person’s right to choose - the Greens' plan for voluntary euthanasia legislation". Queensland's only Greens state MP, Michael Berkman, member for Maiwar, has been contending strongly for euthanasia. Mr Berkman recently used his privileged position on the Queensland Health Committee to pressure the government to rush through assisted suicide legalisation stating that "urgent law reform is needed", and recommended wider and more dangerous accessibly to euthanasia then what the Labor members of the Health Committee proposed.

The Greens are increasingly confident of winning the balance of power in the Queensland Parliament at the October 31 state election. They polled strongly in the March 2018 council elections, and recent polling published by The Australian shows them two percentage points ahead of where they were at the 2017 election. This could translate to more seats. Murmurs from the Labor camp a few months ago indicated they would not be surprised  to lose a few seats to the Greens in the state election, but expect to hold government, perhaps with a minority - relying on the Greens’ support. Queensland Greens leader Michael Berkman recently stated on a self-promotion Facebook video:"This election could finally be where Queensland sees a shift to power-sharing in Parliament." 

There would be one thing worse for life than the current Labor Government and that is a Labor-Greens coalition government. Things would get very dark for life if Greens held the balance of power. We must stop the Greens this election. 

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