Heartbreaking Queensland election results - but we will fight on

Heartbreaking Queensland election results - but we will fight on

We expect you are as heartbroken by the election results as we are, there have been many tears shed. It's devastating and shocking -  there was no warning of a 5% landslide swing to the anti-life Labor government.

Labor's sheer dominance in Parliament now means that, absent a miracle, abortion up to birth will remain legal in Queensland for another 4 years at least. We think of those poor babies and their mothers in desperate need of help. And a euthanasia Bill in February. It's like a nightmare, but we are resolute to soldier on.

While a lot of factors were out of our hands (like the pandemic and an unpopular LNP leadership and policies), we did fulfill our goal of letting many Queenslanders know about Labor’s barbaric abortion up-to-birth laws. Alongside a small army of volunteers, we took the fight to Labor / Greens on the issue of abortion in over 20 seats. With your great generosity and help we had billboards, as well as radio, TV, newspaper and digital ads, around 600,000 letterbox flyers, corflutes, billboard trucks and even a flyover plane with banner - all advising Queenslanders that: LABOR LEGALISED ABORTION UP TO BIRTH, and imploring voters to put Labor last in order to get these laws changed - to save lives.

The fact many people, it seems, voted based on fear of COVID rather to preserve unborn human life, is absolutely tragic and shows that even more work needs to be done in Queensland to soften hard hearts. 

While the count is still going, we can see a footprint of where we have been - it appears the average swings to Labor aren't nearly as bad where we worked, compared as where we didn't work. We'll be able to run a full analysis once the election results are finalised.

In the one seat the LNP won - Whitsunday - we ran a huge campaign with TV, radio and digital ads, and our amazing Cherish Life Mackay Branch even sponsored 4 billboards in the Mackay / Whitsunday area and letterboxed tens of thousands of flyers!  So there is some encouragement. Similarly, we ran defensive campaigns in a number of seats under threat with life-valuing sitting MPs, including Burdekin, Theodore, Coomera, Moggill and Oodgeroo (to a much lesser extent), and from what has been counted the average swing to Labor in these 5 seats is only 0.4% while the state average swing to Labor is around 5%.

There are also two silver linings - anti-life, anti-Christian Greens didn't get the balance of power in Parliament as they were hoping, and Jackie Trad lost her seat (although it is debatable whether it is worse to have another Green or Trad in Parliament). 

To our branches, especially our Mackay, Cairns, Rockhampton, Townsville, Gold Coast, Gympie and Bundaberg - thank you - you did excellent and selfless work.

Thank you to those who fought alongside us - whether through volunteering or donations - you are our heroes. ❤️ 

We will re-group, strengthen, and God willing - become bigger and more effective and more powerful. We will continue to fight for life with renewed passion, as the unborn and vulnerable need protectors more than ever now.