LNP commits to review Queensland's abortion laws

LNP commits to review Queensland's abortion laws

Encouraging news! Queensland's Liberal National Party (LNP) has declared its intention to "review" Queensland's abortion laws if it wins government at the 31 October state election.

Speaking to the Brisbane Times today, a spokesman for the LNP shared their plans to "review gestation limits, counselling arrangements and protections against abortion coercion".

Last year the LNP passed a resolution that babies born alive in failed abortions be given medical care.

While Cherish Life welcomes the LNP's concern for the unborn and pregnant women, we are concerned that a "review" is not a commitment to roll back Queensland's abortion laws, and that a review could drag on for many months or even a year. In the meantime, there could be thousands of more babies killed by abortion.

What we would like is quick and decisive legislative action in favour of the unborn. Our current abortion laws are so cruel and extreme they require an axe to be taken to them, not just a few delicate amendments at a later date.

Cherish Life calls on the LNP for a stronger commitment to protecting unborn babies and pregnant women. Meanwhile, the Katter Australian Party (KAP) has strongly stated they will be seeking every opportunity to roll back our state's extreme abortion laws. While the Queensland chapter of One Nation Party (ONP) has been publicly condemning Labor's abortion laws on social media, at the same time the official Qld ONP policy on abortion remains unclear. 

What is clear is that abortion is increasingly becoming an election issue. While it's obvious Labor / Greens must be ousted to have any hope of changing our state abortion laws, the question remains - which individuals and parties will best protect human life? We will update you in future communications as we continue to canvass candidates and parties on their views on life.

UPDATE - the following day on 4 June, former Deputy Premier Jackie Trad vowed to defend the abortion laws.

In response, Cherish Life's Executive Director said (as published in Brisbane Times on 4 June)

'Cherish Life director Teeshan Johnson backed the LNP review claiming the laws were "amongst the most brutal and extreme of abortion laws in the western world". "I don’t know why we are still hearing from Jackie Trad. Thankfully for the unborn and pregnant women, her political days are numbered," Ms Johnson said.
Under the laws a woman does not need to give a reason for having the procedure up to 22 weeks gestation.
It also allowed abortion after 22 weeks with consent from two doctors and required those who were conscientious objectors to refer women to a medical practitioner who would perform a termination.
"The second doctor doesn't have to sight the woman or her file and the approval can merely be a phone call or email," Ms Johnson said.
"There is no requirement for independence from financial gain, in theory it could be one abortionist to another.
"Another very cruel aspect is it contains no safeguards for women considering abortion like counselling, checks for coercion, informed consent conditions and cooling-off periods."
Ms Johnson said the laws also allow for sex-selective abortion,..'