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NSW ‘safe Zones’ Abortion Bill Slammed As Extreme Censorship And Anti-choice

Pro-choice NSW Minister for Family and Community Services and former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Ms Pru Goward voted against the passing of the Sharpe abortion bill on “safe zones” in NSW Parliament last night, describing it “a very powerful weapon of censorship”.

Ms Teeshan Johnson, campaign director of Cherish Life Queensland, commended Ms Goward’s assessment, saying “this extreme legislation is aimed at shutting down freedom of speech and protecting abortion businesses rather than protecting women”.

“The ‘pro-choice’ militants once again have diminished freedom of speech and civil rights in Australia, under a false catch-cry of ‘safety’.

“It’s an absolute lie that exclusion zones promote women’s safety.

“There’s nothing safe about abortion for women – it’s one of the riskiest medical procedures around.

“Up to 1 in 5 women who have an abortion develop a serious, prolonged mental illness because of an abortion, and there is an increased risk of breast cancer and increased infertility risks associated with abortion.

“And the mortal harm to the unborn cannot be forgotten in this debate.

“Sidewalk counsellors outside abortion clinics often do a tremendous amount of good, and there are many documented cases of help and support given to women at a most vulnerable time.

“The pro-abortion militants preach choice, but in reality they are ruthlessly promoting abortion as the only choice - at the cost of freedom of speech, real choice and lives,” Ms Johnson said.


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‘It's Too Late, It Has a Heartbeat’ – We Couldn't Agree More

The brave decision by former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his partner Vikki Campion to choose life for their unborn child in the face of extreme pressure to abort the pregnancy has been commended by Cherish Life Queensland.

Ms Campion’s resolve not to abort, because, as she stated: “It’s too late, it has a heartbeat”, showed respect for the life of the unborn which is all too absent in popular culture, Cherish Life Queensland president Julie Borger said.

“Just three weeks after conception, at the time most women discover they are pregnant, the unborn child’s heartbeat can be detected.

“From the moment of conception, this little human person is unique – with gender, eye colour, height and talents all predetermined. 

“The couple should be congratulated for having the integrity and the courage to give life to their baby son even though they knew it would create a media frenzy which would cost Mr Joyce his job.

“While Ms Campion was fortunate to have the strong support of Mr Joyce throughout her pregnancy, it’s disgraceful she had to endure pressure to abort from certain unnamed politicians.

“Unfortunately, abortion coercion all too common. A YouGovGalaxy opinion poll of 1,001 Queensland voters in February this year revealed that 26% of Queenslanders personally know someone who was pressured to have an abortion.

“Studies show that women who are coerced into an abortion have a worse mental health prognosis than a woman who has freely chosen to have an abortion.

“If there is ‘a woman’s right to choose’, surely it must extend to protecting her choice to continue a pregnancy and give birth to her baby.

“We are pleased that Mr Joyce and Ms Campion did not opt for the ‘quick-fix’ of abortion, because in reality abortion is never a quick-fix.

“The fact is that up to 1 in 5 women who abort develop a serious prolonged mental health illness because of the abortion, while there are also risks to future pregnancies and a heightened risk of breast cancer.

“There are no winners in abortion, except perhaps the abortion providers, as for them abortion is big business,” Mrs Borger said. ENDS - For more information, please contact Julie Borger on 0412 692 343


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