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Pro-life Lobby Slams Labor Government’s Height Of Hypocrisy In New Law For A ‘Right To Life’

The pro-life lobby has accused the State Labor Government of extreme hypocrisy in presenting a Human Rights Bill, which includes a “right to life”, to Parliament today.
“Just a fortnight ago the Attorney-General and 49 of her MP peers wildly celebrated the passing of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill, which legalised abortion until birth. They showed gross contempt for human life that day.” Ms Teeshan Johnson, executive director of Cherish Life Queensland said.
“Two weeks later they present a Human Rights Bill to Parliament which includes a ‘right to life’. Do they really think they can convince the Queensland public they actually value human life?
“The Human Rights Bill also contains a right to ‘protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment’, yet the abortion Bill they passed allows abortion up to birth with no requirement for pain relief for the unborn human being.
“There is a body of medical and scientific evidence to suggest that the unborn face enormous pain during an abortion from as early as 16 weeks gestation. Yet this Government didn’t see fit to have a requirement to anaesthetize the unborn before an abortion, so in effect it has legislated for torture, cruel and degrading treatment of unborn human beings at any stage of pregnancy.

“Their actions show they support torture and inhumane treatment of human beings, as long as they aren’t born.
“The Human Rights Bill supposedly protects freedom of conscience, but not in the case of a doctor with a conscientious objection to abortion, who now is forced to refer for abortion under the brutal new abortion law.
“For the Attorney- General and her peers to pretend they care about life is hypocrisy at its most vile.”


Cherish Life Condemns Pro-Abortion MPs for Voting for One of The Most Extreme Abortion Laws in the World

Cherish Life Queensland has condemned the Palaszczuk-Trad Labor Government for passing the brutal Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018.

“Tonight 51 members of Queensland Parliament voted for state-sanctioned killing of unborn babies until birth.

“These MPs abdicated their responsibility to the most vulnerable in Queensland – the unborn and women.

“It’s a sad day when politicians go from kissing babies to voting for their destruction.

“These MPs should be ashamed for bringing in one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world.

“This has strengthened Cherish Life’s resolve to remove pro-abortion MPs at the next state election.

“As the first responsibility of government is to protect innocent human life, these politicians have shown themselves to be unfit for public office.

“The unborn need protectors now more than ever.

“We thank Labor MP for Bundamba Joanne Miller for having the courage and integrity to cross the floor and vote against this radical Bill.”