NSW ‘safe Zones’ Abortion Bill Slammed As Extreme Censorship And Anti-choice

Pro-choice NSW Minister for Family and Community Services and former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Ms Pru Goward voted against the passing of the Sharpe abortion bill on “safe zones” in NSW Parliament last night, describing it “a very powerful weapon of censorship”.

Ms Teeshan Johnson, campaign director of Cherish Life Queensland, commended Ms Goward’s assessment, saying “this extreme legislation is aimed at shutting down freedom of speech and protecting abortion businesses rather than protecting women”.

“The ‘pro-choice’ militants once again have diminished freedom of speech and civil rights in Australia, under a false catch-cry of ‘safety’.

“It’s an absolute lie that exclusion zones promote women’s safety.

“There’s nothing safe about abortion for women – it’s one of the riskiest medical procedures around.

“Up to 1 in 5 women who have an abortion develop a serious, prolonged mental illness because of an abortion, and there is an increased risk of breast cancer and increased infertility risks associated with abortion.

“And the mortal harm to the unborn cannot be forgotten in this debate.

“Sidewalk counsellors outside abortion clinics often do a tremendous amount of good, and there are many documented cases of help and support given to women at a most vulnerable time.

“The pro-abortion militants preach choice, but in reality they are ruthlessly promoting abortion as the only choice - at the cost of freedom of speech, real choice and lives,” Ms Johnson said.


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