Pro-Lifers Support Alternate Nurses Union’s Growing Numbers

Cherish Life Queensland has welcomed the growing popularity of the Nurses Professional Association of Queensland (NPAQ) at the expense of the Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ Union (QNMU).

“The QNMU, like the AMAQ, did not properly survey or consult its members before giving public support to the extreme and brutal Termination of Pregnancy Bill, whereas the NPAQ did not support the Bill,” Ms Teeshan Johnson, executive director of Cherish Life Queensland said.

“A high proportion of Cherish Life supporters are doctors and nurses and, like all pro-lifers, they were appalled by the support given by the QNMU and AMAQ to this abortion-to-birth law - particularly considering that the Termination of Pregnancy Act does not afford a full conscientious objection to doctors, nurses and pharmacists, who at the very least must refer for abortion and therefore be complicit in the outcome.

“Cherish Life also welcomes the commencement of a rival teacher’s union to the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU). The QTU also was very vocal in its support of the Termination of Pregnancy Act.

“We will be encouraging our members who are teachers to consider exiting the pro-abortion QTU, if they haven’t already, and joining the new union.

“Sadly, many of the long-established unions have been hijacked by extreme left-wing social engineers who use the unions’ influence and money for social degradation rather than truly representing and helping the members.

“If the AMAQ’s leadership doesn’t dramatically change for the better, we hope that a rival medical association arises in Queensland,” Ms Johnson said.