R U 4 REAL Ms Plibersek?

R U 4 REAL Ms Plibersek?

Ms Plibersek comment that RU-486 is giving women “more choice” is misleading — it is only a ‘choice’ between abortion and abortion, one using the misnomer “medical” and one being surgical.  That is hardly “choice”.  Choice would be offering other options such as help to allow the baby to be adopted, help to place the child in foster care, help to actually parent one’s own child.  There is no “choice” involving abortion (‘medical’) and abortion (surgical) — merely pressure and no real help nor option offered to the pregnant woman.

It is a total abuse of her power as health minister and misuse of our money as taxpayers that we should be financially aiding women to kill their unborn babies via the PBS subsidy.  Abortion-inducing drugs are not “like any other drug” — “any other drug” is not specifically designed to kill a pre-born baby as RU-486 is used and licensed for here in Australia.

It is untrue to state as she was reported as stating in The Sunday Mail (30.6.13) that “statistical evidence internationally shows the complication rates are very low”.  There is no way of truly knowing this — many women who suffer “complications” do not re-present at the abortion mill, may no mention to any emergency department of a hospital that they have taken RU-486, and if a woman actually dies from loss of blood due to a chemical abortion using RU-486, her death would not be put down as due to the abortion but due to the loss of blood, and not to what caused that loss of blood!  And there is often a lack of transparency or expedient and accurate reporting if a death does occur due to the side-effects of RU-486 as was evidenced in the two year delay in reporting on the death of a woman who died in 2010 here in Australia but the case only came to public attention in 2012 due to a lack of reporting!

The only state domestically to keep abortion statistics is in South Australia and a study done there showed 324 cases of women presenting to emergency with complications after using RU-486.  It is also true that a fair proportion of these women will need a surgical abortion after using RU-486 due to it not “doing it’s job” properly for whatever reason.   So the abortion industry makes even more money — and let’s make no mistake about it, the abortion industry is a money-making industry.  If fact we know that targets are set — one large abortion company here in Australia even advertises for staff stating that they will be paid bonuses if they “increase productivity and product margins”, “optimise client numbers” and “deliver on their (MSI i.e. abortion company) objectives…”

It is illogical to think that there will not be an increase in abortion numbers with the easy and cheap access to this abortion drug.  The whole point of any marketing strategy is to have ease of availability and easy-to-afford- costing.  Putting this shocking drug on the PBS achieves those deadly aims. 

Advertising for a Marketing Co-ordinator recently, the ad asked for someone who could “identify marketing opportunities” and “manage marketing campaigns”.  Bearing in mind that the largest part of the abortion industry’s money comes from abortions (no surprise), it is illogical to think that this (abortions and in particular RU486 abortions) would not be a major part of any “marketing campaign”.

To Tony Abbott, quoted in The Australian (26.4.13) as stating that he is happy for “due process to be followed” re taxpayer subsidies for RU-486.  If that quote is accurate, I am extremely disappointed that his “minders” have moved him away to this much weakened position in the hope it will capture a few more votes from the pro-abortion side.  All it will do is lose the pro-life vote!  Mr Abbott, our Australian women and their pre-born babies DESERVE BETTER PROTECTION THAT THIS!!!  Stop bowing to the feminazis and make a pro-life stand like we used to be able to count on you to do!