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It would be tempting to yawn if it wasn't all so very serious.  A letter to the editor of the Courier Mail (Deal with this once and for all, 10-12-11) by Julie Bignall (branch secretary, Australian Services Union, South Brisbane) calls for the abortion law to be dealt with "once and for all" — no doubt that is what the lawmakers were doing when they wrote the law 100+ years ago.

Nothing has changed since — women still need help and support in unexpected pregnancies now as they did then, they don't need nor want abortion; life still begins at conception; and abortion still harms women, destroys babies and emasculates men.  Abortion whether "medical" or otherwise will never be moral or right.

One has to wonder are all the members of this particular union, the Australian Services Union, fully aware that some of their dues are being used to push forward an abortion agenda here in Queensland?  That their funds were used to support the abortion meeting held at the parliamentary annexe here in Brisbane in October this year where Leslie Cannold held the stage and urged all present to do all they could to get the Queensland laws relaxed so more babies could be killed in their mothers’ wombs?

One wonders how proud they all feel knowing that this is where their hard-earned cash is going; but the question really is, do they know?

Reported in the Brisbane Times (6.12.11) is an interview with Campbell Newman, Leader of the LNP, where he has stated publicly that he and the LNP, should they gain government, will not change the abortion laws.  This is great news.  We urge you to write to him and thank him for this public statement and politely remind him that we will be closely watching this and hold him to his promise.

For those politicians currently in government we must make them feel very uncomfortable about changing the current Queensland abortion legislation.  Let them know that liberalising the abortion laws is not a vote winner as was evidenced by Bonny Barry losing the seat of Aspley and Karen Struthers in Algester seeing a very large swing away from her, a swing over and above the average.  These two women of the “sisterhood” were the ones most likely to put forward a private member’s bill pushing abortion.

Do not be put off by letters from the current premier or her party stating that “the government has no plans to put this issue on the agenda” (or similar wording) — we are well aware that it will not be a government bill but a private member’s bill.

The push referred to in the previous blog was to have the current abortion law put before the Law Reform Commission.  This is how they weedled their way into getting the law changed in Victoria.  Do not let this happen here.  Keep the pressure on our politicians – thanking those who do not wish to change the law and offering them help between now and the state election (due in the next 6 months) and letting those who are pro-abortion know that your help is going to a pro-life candidate.  Act now!

One the Australian government website, it states that there were 384 finalised adoptions in 2010–11 which was the lowest annual number on record being a 7% decline from 2009-2010 and a 66% decline from 1,142 adoptions in 1990–91. 

And what is the reason that this decline has occurred?  Well according to their own words, it “can be attributed to a fall in the number of Australian children adopted...”  Yes, you read that right.  There aren’t children for adoption because there aren’t children for adoption.  Red is the shirt because the shirt is red!

It continues that the decline is also due to the number of children considered to be in need of adoption and legally able to be adopted.

One wonders how the factor of 90,000+ abortions in Australia each year plays no part in their reasoning.  Any Year 2 child would be able to see and understand a graph showing that as the rate of abortions rose, there was a corresponding plummet in the rate of adoptions.  

It certainly brings to mind that old saying by Thomas Jefferson, “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." 

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more convoluting of the truth that abortion is deadly to the baby and harmful to the mother, Planned Parenthood tweets that it is ‘sexy’.  Yes, you read that right — sexy!

According to the report only two people tweeted a response agreeing with PP’s tweet; no doubt one was probably the PP tweeter and a colleague!  

As a non-supporter of abortion tweeted, there is nothing sexy about the dismemberment of a child.

How much further down the gutter will PP go to make abortion ‘appealing’?  Haven’t they got the message yet — abortion is no longer ‘popular’ like it used to be as evidenced by the continually increasing numbers of people calling themselves pro-life, and they younger generation are to be thanked for that.  They have seen the sorrow and destruction of abortion in their relatives and friends and they don’t want to be part of it.

Please help close PP abortion mills by being part of a peaceful prayerful campaign by joining the 40 Days of Prayer for Life Campaign.  If there is none in your local area, you can pray at a specific time every week especially for this campaign.  On behalf of all the pre-born that will be saved, thank you in advance!

The C-M article “Abortion ads ok” (p 19, 23-1-12) should make everyone’s skin crawl.  Britain has now okayed abortion mill ads on their TVs.  One wonders what on earth an abortion mill could say in their ad to entice worried women in, perhaps “two for the price of one” or “no baby left intact”?  

Whilst one has great compassion for the women being pressured into an abortion, all should be well aware that the abortion industry is just that, an industry and one that makes millions of dollars every year as they carelessly discard tiny little pre-born babies mercilessly dismembered and suctioned into oblivion leaving their mothers hurting for the rest of their lives.

What a civilised society we have become!  With modern medicine we can save a baby born 16 weeks early weighing a mere 260 grams (reported 22-1-12) but at the same time, deny that what is growing in the womb is a baby even though we have the ultrasound evidence to prove it.

And now, to crank it up a notch, the abortion mills can advertise their gruesome trade, at least in Britain.  How long before the same occurs here in Australia?  

Help stop this shocking state of affairs from spreading to our shores and get active!  Be at the Rally For Life in Queen’s Park, cnr Elizabeth & George St, Brisbane city at 2pm on Saturday 11 February and help keep the Queensland Government well aware that we pro-lifers will not go away but we are getting bigger, stronger and louder.  Our voices will be heard.

Women beware — they are out to get your money, and your pre-born baby...