"While we acknowledge that the Premier has adhered to due process by referring the draft 'Voluntary Assisted Dying' legislation to the Queensland Law Reform Commission, and has resisted the push from extremists to rush through euthanasia laws, we are still disappointed there is any appetite for euthanasia legislation from the government - especially now that Jackie Trad has gone from Cabinet," Teeshan Johnson, Cherish Life executive director said.
“It's also very disappointing that the Government continues to ignore Queensland’s glaring palliative care deficit, with only one-third of the palliative care specialists needed. This gross neglect needs to be addressed urgently.

“Politically speaking, Labor is already in the doghouse with many voters, including those in Labor heartland, after the passing of brutal abortion-to-birth laws in 2018. This latest killing agenda feeds into the narrative that 'Labor has become the party of death’ and it will be easier to oust them now.

“Such legislation is also particularly dangerous in a state where there is already a massive suicide problem, with the highest rate in Australia. Many jurisdictions where euthanasia has been legalised have reported an increase in non-assisted suicide rates too. The Netherlands, for example, legalised euthanasia in 2002, and its total suicide rate has increased by over 110%, including a rise in the non-assisted suicide rate of 10%. Legalising VAD would lead to more suicides in Queensland, not less.

“If Labor thinks making euthanasia an election issue will win them votes, they are deceived as well as unethical. Unlike abortion which can be a massive vote-swayer, euthanasia support or opposition is neither a vote winner or loser. Victoria is a point in case- Labor politicians who voted against VAD legislation received a 0.02% swing against them and Liberal politicians who supported euthanasia a 0.02% swing against them. The results are negligible and may well be attributed to other factors.

“Once again Labor has crossed a dangerous line, and they will pay for it at the election.”