How-to-vote for LIFE


Around elections we often receive a lot of phone calls inquiring about which candidates or parties are best on life issues. So this election we have designed a guide to help Queenslanders vote for life. The How to Vote for Life guide recommends a below-the-line vote for the Senate - identifying the 12 most pro-life or life-valuing Senate candidates.

The House of Representatives Voting Guide for Life on the reverse side of the handout grades the parties based on three key pro-life issues (abortion, euthanasia, and support of the "Babies Born Alive” Bill).  This is a designed to be a guide only - we encourage you to get to know the candidates in your electorate if possible. This is because although Katter's Australian Party (KAP) is the highest-ranking party for life, followed by One Nation, the most pro-life candidate in some electorates may be from another party - for example in Petrie, the current member Luke Howarth – a LNP MP - is a strong and consistent pro-life politician, similarly the sitting member for Longman, the LNP’s Terry Young. 

The guide is pictured below and can be accessed HERE too.


We trust this will be of help as you make an important decision about our nation’s future.

Please share this resource with all your pro-life friends in Queensland.

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