Withdrawal of abortion bills a victory for common sense, women and society

The withdrawal of the Pyne abortion bills today ahead of a scheduled parliamentary debate tomorrow is a win for common sense, women and society, according to Cherish Life Queensland.

“The bills faced certain defeat in Parliament, because they were so flawed,” Cherish Life president Julie Borger said.

“The announcement by the Labor Government that Parliament will not consider abortion legislation again in this term of parliament is a great victory for life and decency.

“A retreat is a defeat.

“Mr Pyne was used by the pro-abortion lobby, who gave him disastrous advice.

Only 6% of Queenslanders support the extreme position of abortion at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason, which these bills would have legalised. 

“These bills totally overlooked safeguards for women such as independent counselling, informed consent, cooling-off periods and parental consent requirements, which the vast majority of Queenslanders support.

“There are a lot of unwanted abortions which mandatory independent informed consent counselling could prevent.

“Often, there is not free and informed choice by women. There is a lot of coercion by parents, boyfriends, partners or husbands.

“Women often go into a private abortion clinic which is operating for profit and are not properly or fully counselled. They are in effect sold an abortion.”

Mrs Borger called on the Government to drop its plan to refer abortion law to the Queensland Law Reform Commission and instead appoint a balanced and representative community advisory panel to review the whole issue.

“This sensitive issue is so important and complex that it demands a proper and balanced review, not just by a group of lawyers, but by a panel of experts from both sides of the debate, drawn from doctors, women’s groups, counselling agencies and advocacy groups, as well as lawyers.”

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