Cherish Life

URGENT: Contact your state member of parliament

Contact your MP and ask him/her to vote against the Pyne Bills to decriminalise abortion.  Click here to locate your member, and click here for tips.

Defend women.  Protect children.   It’s a good thing.

Cherish Life is an association of people who are committed to protecting natural life at all stages.  Come and join us.

What you can do ...

Finding a Cherish Life branch ...

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    For help and advice at all hours ...

    Priceless Life Centre (24 Hours)

    Brisbane: 3219 4288 OR 1300 363 550
    Country: 1800 090 777 

    Pregnancy Counselling Link

    Ph: 1800 777 690

    Pregnancy Crisis Inc

    Ph: 1300 777 777

    Abortion Grief Counselling (24 Hours)

    Ph: 1300 363 550

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