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Conception redefined

A legal precedence has been set in Queensland but not one we can rejoice about or be proud of.  Conception has now been legally defined as referring to the implantation of the fertilised egg.  That’s right — you didn’t start you life when you actually started your life (ie when the sperm and the egg united), you started your life when you were implanted apparently.  There is little logic to this, but then, logic seems to have little to do with it.

One has to wonder “what” is actually being implanted if not a tiny growing human person?  That little person started his/her life journey when that one single sperm united with one single egg.   If ‘it’ isn’t a “conceived child” from the moment that union occurred, then why would they be implanting “it”?  Reading the news article, it sends a cold shiver down one’s spine — not only does the anti-life industry restructure the meaning and use of words in the case of euthanasia and abortion, but now we are seeing a flow-on effect in relation to the legal system.  One hesitates to wonder where society’s re-meaning of words will end.

That little child, created back in 2008 was already 3 years old when he/she was implanted but there will also be no recognition of that.

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Media presents an unborn baby as ... an unborn baby!

Reported in an online article (27.7.12) “Batman massacre' claims 13th victim” we read the tragic news that a pregnant woman had been shot in the horrific events that took place at the midnight screening of the Batman movie in Colorado, USA.  Whilst she is lucky to have survived, her unborn baby was not so lucky.

The opening sentences of this online article (and numerous others) read as follows:  “The Aurora Dark Knight shooting has tragically claimed a 13th victim after pregnant survivor Ashley Moser suffered a miscarriage.  Miss Moser was eight weeks pregnant when a gunman burst into a movie theatre in Colorado on Friday, July 20, killing 12 people and injuring 58 ...  ... While Miss Moser herself was badly injured after being shot in the abdomen and neck, her unborn baby had miraculously survived.  But a family statement has revealed Miss Moser, who remains critically injured, suffered a miscarriage after surgery today.”

Without for one minute wishing to detract from the sadness and tragedy of what has happened, it is always with dismay that we find that the value of an unborn baby in any given media article seems to hinge on the where the media wants our sympathy/empathy/sadness to fall.  If the article was about a woman wanting an abortion, or who had an abortion, the word ‘foetus’ would have been used!

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Bligh’s bounty gets blasted!

The 24 March 2012 Queensland election results in regards to the rabidly pro-abortion women’s group of EMILY’s List (EL) is all good for the preborn babies of Queensland! Anna Bligh’s bounty of EL women has been obliterated and we hope will not be able to be regained.

The majority of them have been replaced by those who have given an undertaking that they would vote pro-life on the issue of abortion.

Out of the 10 candidates on the EMILY’s List website (just prior to the election), and due to the resignation of Anna Bligh (South Brisbane electorate), there is now only one EMILY’s Lister left and that is Desley Scott in the Woodridge electorate. Jo-anne Miller who had been listed on the EL website is no longer there, however, that could just be their website’s error and may not indicate that Miller has changed her tune. Miller has been retained in the Bundamba electorate.

While the fact that the bulk of the EMILY’s List network has been blasted out of parliament, and we are forever grateful to all those of you who worked so hard to put forth the truth about their voting records on life issues, we must not become complacent.

There is still work to be done to hold the elected politicians accountable. Do not let up your pressure on them in relation to life issues. And pray for them in the roles they now play for Queensland.

Also please pray that whoever is elected in the South Brisbane electorate would vote pro-life. This is vital.

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Abortion Death — and this time not "just" the baby!

Yep, abortion is safe...  well isn’t it?  That’s what the abortion industry tells the vulnerable women coming to them down the ‘closed-door abortion-only corridor’ they have created.  According to the report, a 42 year old woman died after having an abortion at the renamed Marie Stopes International Maroondah abortion mill (previously called Croydon Day Surgery).

This abortion death house has been under investigation on four previous occasions – one has to wonder how many other problems there have slipped under the radar.  Of these investigations, one involved the anaesthetist James Latham Peters who is alleged to have infected over 50 women with Hepatitis C between 2008 and 2009.  Mark Schulberg, the doctor who owns the abortion mill was found guilty of unprofessional conduct in 2009 when an abortion was performed on an intellectually disabled woman without her consent; as well as for a late-term abortion being done on another woman who was subsequently hospitalised.  This is hardly a surprise —as seen time and again, the deathly abortion industry does not attract the cream of the crop of doctors. 

"... we confirm the death of a female patient, who attended our associate registered day procedure centre in Maroondah on Wednesday, December 14, passed away at Box Hill Hospital on Sunday, December 18," Ms Deveson Crabbe, chief executive (executioner?) of the Marie Stopes abortion mills said. 

The death is currently being investigated by the coroner.  This will not bring this woman back to life, it will not restore her baby to her womb, and it will not create a happy Christmas for her family.

Terry Sweetman, columnist, wrote an article (CM 21.10.11) unsurprisingly calling for the legalisation of abortion.  To him in particular, and all involved in the abortion industry in general, the question has to be asked — abortion is legal up to the day of birth in Victoria, has this made abortion safe?  Of course not!  Just because something is legal, does not make it safe. 

Abortion KILLS BABIES.  Abortion EMASCULATES MEN and robs them of their responsibilities. And tragically ABORTION HARMS WOMEN – sometimes in a deadly fashion.

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Pre-born Babies Can Survive Chemo!

Wonderful progress have been made in studying pregnant women found to have cancer says an article by  Professor Frédéric Amant of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.  An early experience of caring for a pregnant woman with cervical cancer was pivotal in shaping the course of his career: “She told me her early diagnosis was thanks to the pregnancy.  So she wanted to give her baby the chance he had given her.”

Professor Amant is a lead author of a series in the respected medical journal The Lancet on malignancy in pregnancy.  About one or two per 2000 pregnancies are complicated by cancer, with the most common being breast cancer (40%) and blood cancers (20%).  Professor Amant states there is nothing to suggest the pregnancy causes the cancers.  The biggest challenge is educating the public that chemotherapy is possible in pregnancy without harm to the baby.  Women find it hard to believe they shouldn't have an aspirin, but can take these very strong chemotherapy drugs during pregnancy”, Amant says.  “At first, we did not have much evidence regarding the unborn babies.  But now more than 120 children have been born to women treated with chemotherapy in our ongoing international collaborative study, and they are doing as well as the general population, so that offers reassurance.” 

“Fear of chemotherapy should not be a reason to terminate pregnancy”, he said, “It's rarely necessary to change the standard chemotherapy treatment regimen for pregnant women with cancer, and chemotherapy does not harm the unborn child”. 

This is great news for so many women who are pregnant and find they have cancer yet again reinforcing the consistent pro-life message that abortion is never the answer.

In Brisbane there is a support organisation called Mummy’s Wish — — that gives practical help to pregnant women with cancer.

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Red is the shirt because the shirt is red!

One the Australian government website, it states that there were 384 finalised adoptions in 2010–11 which was the lowest annual number on record being a 7% decline from 2009-2010 and a 66% decline from 1,142 adoptions in 1990–91. 

And what is the reason that this decline has occurred?  Well according to their own words, it “can be attributed to a fall in the number of Australian children adopted...”  Yes, you read that right.  There aren’t children for adoption because there aren’t children for adoption.  Red is the shirt because the shirt is red!

It continues that the decline is also due to the number of children considered to be in need of adoption and legally able to be adopted.

One wonders how the factor of 90,000+ abortions in Australia each year plays no part in their reasoning.  Any Year 2 child would be able to see and understand a graph showing that as the rate of abortions rose, there was a corresponding plummet in the rate of adoptions.  

It certainly brings to mind that old saying by Thomas Jefferson, “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." 

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ABC – Abortion in Britain Condoned

The C-M article “Abortion ads ok” (p 19, 23-1-12) should make everyone’s skin crawl.  Britain has now okayed abortion mill ads on their TVs.  One wonders what on earth an abortion mill could say in their ad to entice worried women in, perhaps “two for the price of one” or “no baby left intact”?  

Whilst one has great compassion for the women being pressured into an abortion, all should be well aware that the abortion industry is just that, an industry and one that makes millions of dollars every year as they carelessly discard tiny little pre-born babies mercilessly dismembered and suctioned into oblivion leaving their mothers hurting for the rest of their lives.

What a civilised society we have become!  With modern medicine we can save a baby born 16 weeks early weighing a mere 260 grams (reported 22-1-12) but at the same time, deny that what is growing in the womb is a baby even though we have the ultrasound evidence to prove it.

And now, to crank it up a notch, the abortion mills can advertise their gruesome trade, at least in Britain.  How long before the same occurs here in Australia? 

Help stop this shocking state of affairs from spreading to our shores and get active!  Be at the Rally For Life in Queen’s Park, cnr Elizabeth & George St, Brisbane city at 2pm on Saturday 11 February and help keep the Queensland Government well aware that we pro-lifers will not go away but we are getting bigger, stronger and louder.  Our voices will be heard.

Women beware — they are out to get your money, and your pre-born baby...


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Sad and sickening — "wrong" twin aborted

It was reported today (24/11/11) that a woman in Melbourne Royal Hospital was scheduled to have a late term abortion of a 32 week unborn baby boy, one of twins. The reason for the abortion according to the report, was because the baby had a congenital heart defect and would require “a lifetime of operations”. Inadvertently the “perfect” baby was aborted, and the surviving “imperfect” baby was then delivered by “an emergency caesarean section to end the life of the sick child.”

The whole scenario is sad and sickening on so many levels. Firstly, why not birth the twins and allow the “imperfect” twin to be adopted by a couple who can’t have children of their own? There are many childless couples who are prepared to have any child no matter how “imperfect” in the eyes of the world, and no matter how many operations the child would need over his lifetime.

Secondly, what possible joy would the “perfect” baby, should he have survived, have had in knowing that his twin brother was killed in the womb just because his heart wasn’t perfectly formed?

All media reports state that the clinician and the person who performed the sonogram, as well as the parents, are “inconsolable”. Tragically they are not inconsolable because of the loss of the life of the baby but because the life lost in the first instance, was that of the wrong ie healthy twin! It seems the death of the “imperfect” twin would have been accepted as necessary and acceptable! How sad! How sickening!

The value of human life, born or unborn, does not hinge on our health – nor our parentage, nor our circumstance. The value of human life is intrinsic merely because we are human.

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