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"While we acknowledge that the Premier has adhered to due process by referring the draft 'Voluntary Assisted Dying' legislation to the Queensland Law Reform Commission, and has resisted the push from extremists to rush through euthanasia laws, we are still disappointed there is any appetite for euthanasia legislation from the government - especially now that Jackie Trad has gone from Cabinet," Teeshan Johnson, Cherish Life executive director said.
“It's also very disappointing that the Government continues to ignore Queensland’s glaring palliative care deficit, with only one-third of the palliative care specialists needed. This gross neglect needs to be addressed urgently.

“Politically speaking, Labor is already in the doghouse with many voters, including those in Labor heartland, after the passing of brutal abortion-to-birth laws in 2018. This latest killing agenda feeds into the narrative that 'Labor has become the party of death’ and it will be easier to oust them now.

“Such legislation is also particularly dangerous in a state where there is already a massive suicide problem, with the highest rate in Australia. Many jurisdictions where euthanasia has been legalised have reported an increase in non-assisted suicide rates too. The Netherlands, for example, legalised euthanasia in 2002, and its total suicide rate has increased by over 110%, including a rise in the non-assisted suicide rate of 10%. Legalising VAD would lead to more suicides in Queensland, not less.

“If Labor thinks making euthanasia an election issue will win them votes, they are deceived as well as unethical. Unlike abortion which can be a massive vote-swayer, euthanasia support or opposition is neither a vote winner or loser. Victoria is a point in case- Labor politicians who voted against VAD legislation received a 0.02% swing against them and Liberal politicians who supported euthanasia a 0.02% swing against them. The results are negligible and may well be attributed to other factors.

“Once again Labor has crossed a dangerous line, and they will pay for it at the election.”


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BUNDAMBA BY-ELECTION - Pro-abortion Labor loses 11% of primary vote - a pro-life success

On Saturday 28 March, as well as the local council elections, there were two by-elections in the state electorates of Bundamba and Currumbin.

Both electorates had a retiring member who voted against their party's position on the abortion Bill in 2018. In Bundamba, Mrs Jo-Ann Miller was the only Labor MP to vote against the Bill, and in Currumbin, the LNP's Mrs Jann Stuckey, was one of three LNP MPs who voted for Labor's abortion-to-birth Bill.

In Bundamba, Labor pre-selected a hard-left associate of the pro-abortion Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, while One Nation - the only party which could have stolen the seat from Labor according to political analysts - pre-selected a strongly pro-life candidate, Sharon Bell.  

The pro-life fight was on. Going into the by-election, Labor held the seat with a comfortable 71.6% of the two-party preferred vote.

Cherish Life ran a "Put Labor Last" campaign against the new Labor candidate. We letterboxed, ran local advertising, campaigned on social media and worked with local community leaders. A BIG THANK YOU for those wonderful people who letterboxed!

The result was an 11.2% swing against Labor's primary vote, which is particularly significant and large in Labor heartland. About a week prior to the election, a political commentator from Griffith University said that if the swing against Labor in the Bundamba by-election was more than 5%, it would show they have a real problem.  By contrast in the seat of Currumbin, Labor received a 2.7% swing towards it on the primary vote.

While acknowledging there are many factors at play at any election and a by-election is no different, we are still very pleased with the results - it sends a real message to Labor: the killing of human beings (whether born or unborn) has to stop.

At the most recent parliamentary sitting on 22 April, Opposition Leader of Business Jarrod Bleijie pointed out the devastating result for Labor in Bundamba: “I understand why the Labor Party in Queensland would not want to talk about the results in Bundamba, because they were smashed when their own voters turned against them. When you have more Green voters preferencing One Nation in Bundamba, you have real problems in Queensland.”  

It is indeed unheard of to have the majority of Greens voters in any electorate preference One Nation Party ahead of Labor!

Mr Bleijie also said: “If that is replicated across the state in a few months, Labor will be wiped out at the next election.”

The Bundamba by-election, politically speaking, was a gift for Cherish Life to test strategy and messaging leading up to the October 2020 state election. 

Although Labor managed to hold the seat, Bundamba has gone from being Labor's 3rd safest seat to it's 13th safest (from 71.6% to 59.8%). Well done team! Perhaps we'll be able to help unseat Labor in Bundamba at October 2020 state election, provided the candidate most likely to take the seat from Labor is pro-life.


CLICK HERE to volunteer for letterboxing at the October 2020 election.

CLICK HERE to donate towards the fight for life.

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COVID Emergency law used to push DIY home abortions in South Australia

Under South Australia's COVID-19 Emergency Response 2020 Act dangerous DIY "telehealth" home abortions may be legalised early this week via a declaration by the State Emergency Co-ordinator - the Police Commissioner, Grant Stevens.

This Emergency Act, which bypasses all normal democratic processes, has been hijacked by extreme abortion law advocates, who are using it to push their agenda. It actually seems premeditated.

South Australia's pro-abortion Deputy-Premier and Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman, as well as other pro-abortion politicians, have been on ABC radio in recent weeks singing the praises of "telehealth abortions". It's outrageous. Dangerous killing laws are the last thing South Australians need, particularly at this time.

South Australian residents are encouraged to email the SA Police Commissioner today at [email protected] marking it to the attention of the POLICE COMMISSIONER - GRANT STEVENS in the subject line, asking him to reject this extreme law change.

Points you may like to mention:

- These laws would make pregnant women and girls very vulnerable to domestic violence by effectively making the home an abortion centre. 

- These types of abortions are very dangerous with almost a 10% complication rate. To allow them to occur in the home with no adequate follow-up is particularly dangerous.

- We don't need (or want) dangerous DIY home abortions in our state - tragically there are already state-funded abortions for any reason up to 28 weeks gestation in South Australia. 

- Underage girls would be able to access these abortions without parental consent. It is completely unacceptable.

- Sadly, abortions are already treated as an "essential service" in South Australia even during the COVID-19 pandemic and a woman can easily get an abortion under the current laws.

- This seems a premeditated move by the SA Parliament members who are affiliated with the abortion lobby to have DIY home abortions enshrined in SA law. Such a dangerous and extreme proposed law change should be subject to the democratic process of parliamentary scrutiny and debate. 

SA residents, please urgently email Grant Stevens today: [email protected]

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Australia's largest abortion provider may be forced to shut

Australia's largest abortion provider Marie Stopes Australia (MSA), which performs around 40,000 out of Australia's 70,000 to 80,000 abortions a year, may be forced to shut its doors due to a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE).

MSA has complained it only has about two weeks supply of surgical masks and hand sanitiser left, which are required for performing surgical abortions. 

The profit-making abortion giant has had orders for PPE canceled or refused because the supplies are required for frontline medical staff fighting the coronavirus pandemic. 

MSA’s chief executive has complained: "Many PPE suppliers do not consider abortion to be healthcare."  We couldn't agree more.

Very encouragingly, the Australian Government also has declined requests from MSA for PPE, suggesting instead that they go to Chemist Warehouse to try to purchase them there. 

Cherish Life applauds the Australian Government and wholesalers reserving PPE for true medical professionals who save lives and not abortionists. Additionally, elective surgery around Australia is being canceled, and since around 98% of abortions in Australia are for convenience, i.e. "elective surgery", it is only fair that they are canceled too.  

If MSA is forced to shut its doors, the lives of thousands of babies would be saved and their mothers rescued from the heartbreak of abortion.

It would be one good thing that has resulted from this terrible pandemic. 


Euthanasia verses Palliative Care

Euthanasia or "voluntary assisted dying" are both a form of killing. While palliative care is end-of-life health care. Often there is confusion between "voluntary assisted dying" (euthanasia) and palliative care. This attached flyer clarifies what they both are.





Euthanasia recommendation ‘reckless and dangerous'

“The Queensland Parliament Health Committee’s recommendation that assisted suicide legislation be enacted is reckless and dangerous, perhaps even more so now that we are in the midst of a pandemic,” Cherish Life president Dr Donna Purcell said.

“The Queensland Government needs to be fully focused on saving lives, not taking them,

“The Queensland Health Committee’s End-of-Life Inquiry scandalously failed to address adequately the real end-of-life issue facing Queenslanders, which is the gross under-resourcing of palliative care services. 

“Queensland needs at least an extra $150 million per year in palliative care funding, as we only have 0.7 palliative care specialists per 100,000 population, while the need is for almost triple that number.  

“Some Queenslanders, particularly those in regional and remote communities, are suffering needlessly because of extremely poor resource allocation by this government, and it seems this is to continue.  

“No Queenslanders should be forced to choose euthanasia because they cannot get access to palliative care which would ease their pain.

“Instead of additional funding for palliative care, the four Labor/Greens  members of the Health Committee recommended assisted suicide as the end-of-life care ‘cure’, rejecting  the expert opinion of the vast majority of doctors, including the Australian Medical Association and World Medical Association, who are opposed to euthanasia because it is killing, not health care. 

“It is obvious that the committee’s recommendation to legalise euthanasia was a pre-determined outcome, with the majority of the committee taking a short cut and ignoring proper process by recommending a draft Bill put up by euthanasia advocates rather than requesting the Queensland Law Reform Commission to design the legislation.

“In this euthanasia Bill recommended by the Health Committee, there is no requirement that patients requesting euthanasia be seen by a specialist in their disease, or by a palliative care specialist to ensure they are receiving adequate pain relief, or by a psychiatrist to ensure they are not suffering depression. 

“There are no safeguards against wrongful deaths, caused by wrong diagnosis, wrong prognosis, patients being unaware of available treatment or having no access to palliative care, or coercion and elder abuse. 

“The misnomer “assisted dying” hides what euthanasia really is - intentional killing by lethal injection administered by doctors, or doctors providing poison for the patient to take.

“Doctors should kill the pain, not the patient.”


Trump, the unlikely hero who's likely to end abortion

The air is electric before the President of the United States takes to the stage at the 47th annual National March for Life. The vibrant and predominantly young crowd of more than 250,000 can hardly stand still because of the sheer excitement, myself included.

President Trump appears on stage while "God Bless America" plays, and he paces around with the kind of smile and swagger that few can carry off. We all madly clap and cheer, seemingly besotted by this playboy billionaire turned pro-life, and reportedly God-fearing, President.

Even before he even utters a syllable we love him. The fact he is there as the first President to attend the march in person, has automatically earned him pro-life royalty status.

And then there's the 6 home runs he's hit for life since taking office:

1. Judicial appointments. He has appointed 187 conservative / pro-life judges to federal courts, including 2 to the Supreme Court (which is crucial to overturn Roe v Wade and other abortion cases). These appointments are expected to make a generational difference for the pro-life cause.

2. Government foetal tissue research ban: The Government has ended the practice of foetal research using tissue from from elective abortions.

3. Defunding Planned Parenthood: Through legislative changes, the Trump administration has cut off access by Planned Parenthood (the nation's biggest abortion provider) and other abortion providers to $286 million of government funding.

4. Mexico City Policy: During his first week in government, Trump reinstated this policy which prevents US foreign aid being used to subsidise organisations that provide abortions overseas. Trump has extended this policy further again, so restrictions also apply to organisations that promote abortion.

5. Strong conscientious objection rights for health care professionals:  Creating comprehensive legislation for full conscientious objection rights to abortion for health care professionals. Previously there were 30 different different pieces of legislation covering the right of health professionals to conscientious objection, and there were gaps, a lack of clarity and concerns by doctors who object to being involved with abortion, that they weren't properly covered.

6. Obamacare abortion transparency: Whenever Obamacare is used for an procuring an abortion, the Trump administration has mandated that it must be made clear, through the issuing of two bills by the doctor - one for medical care for the woman and the other for performing the abortion. Previously under Obamacare abortions were hidden as "medical care".

Trump also has the feather in his cap of bravely standing up to the United Nations on their global abortion agenda (aka, aggressive abortion mission), and has also informed the US Congress that he will veto any legislation that's even remotely anti-life.

This is the man that stands before us, a pro-life general, the "God bless Amercia" song concludes and when he speaks we love him even more: 

"We're here for a very simple reason: to defend the right of every child born and unborn to fulfill their God-given potential...All of us here today understand an eternal truth, [that] every child is a precious and sacred gift from God....

"We are fighting for those who have no voice and we will win because we know how to win...."..

"Together we are the voice for the voiceless. When it comes to abortion, Democrats... have embraced the most radical and extreme positions taken and seen in this country for years...and you could say even centuries....

"Nearly every Democrat in Congress now supports tax-payer funded abortion all the way up until the moment of birth..." (the full transcript of his speech can be read here)

His speech is met with roars of delight, a few people shout "We love you!". It was beyond what I was expecting, and almost everyone I spoke with said the same thing.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media were cynical about the President's attendance, painting it as an desperate grab for much-needed votes in an election year. But there is a lot more to it than that.

His administration's pro-life initiatives (listed above) implemented over the past three years strongly indicate that Trump is a committed to the plight of the unborn. That "pro-life" to him is not a vote slot-machine, but rather a premeditated and purposeful pursuit.

I concede that Trump does need the pro-life movement to vote for him en-masse to win the election, BUT the pro-life movement also needs Trump. He is the strongest and most pro-active pro-life US President, ever. By contrast the Democrats have have gone to a dark extreme pro-killing place. Indeed, each Democrat presidential candidate is supportive of access to legal, taxpayer-funded abortion up to birth. 

Pro-life Americans only have one choice, and that is Trump, and they know it. 

The pathway to stopping the slaying of the unborn in the USA is narrow, but clear, and Trump will play a starring role.


PHASE 1 – Overturning Roe v Wade & Doe v Bolton

Roe v Wade (1973)  is the landmark abortion case of the US Supreme Court, which ruled (the vote was 7-2) that the Constitution of the United States protects a pregnant woman's choice to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. It effectively struck down many (conservative) U.S. state and federal abortion laws.  

Doe v Bolton (1973) was a case that was ruled on the same day as Roe v Wade, where the United States Supreme Court overturned the abortion law of Georgia. The plaintiff ‘Mary Doe’ was suing the state of Georgia as she had tried to obtain an abortion in her state of Georgia but could not do so easily. Like Roe v Wade, it created a dangerous, pro-abortion precedent where the Supreme Court rendered a state's restrictive or conservative abortion laws null and void.

Both these abortion cases, colloquially known as Roe-Doe, have led to the slaughter of 60 million unborn babies in the USA. These cases need to be overturned by the Supreme Court before meaningful and effective changes can be made to US state abortion laws. Although four US states have successfully passed “Heartbeat Bills” in recent years, they are being held up in the courts because of Roe-Doe.

If Roe-Doe were overturned by the Supreme Court, the states again would have the authority to make their own abortion laws as restrictive as they liked. The overturning of Roe-Doe is critical to saving babies and mothers in the US. This is why President Trump’s appointment of judges, especially Supreme Court judges, is so important. It is thought another 1 to 2 conservative judges will need to be appointed to the Supreme Court before Roe-Doe can be overturned. Judges traditionally can only be appointed to the Supreme Court when a current judge retires.

PHASE 2 – Most Republican states re-criminalising and rolling back abortion laws immediately 

It is forecast that up to 50% of US states would roll back extreme abortion laws or recriminalize abortion almost immediately if Roe-Doe were overturned, because there are conservative Republican governors in those states.

Concurrently, there is a practical push to make there sure that there are more pregnancy support centres, and better supports for pregnant girls and women in schools and colleges. Similarly churches, individuals and families are encouraged to consider ways they can better support expectant mothers, new mothers and perhaps consider adopting.

PHASE 3 – Democrat states roll back of abortion laws later 

Harder states like California and New York would not change their laws immediately, as the current governors of those states are rabidly pro-abortion Democrats. Over time as a political and cultural shift occurs, it is hoped these states will change their laws too.

The goal is that all across the USA, abortion would be both illegal (legal change) and unthinkable (cultural change). With Trump, and an on-fire pro-life movement all of this is within striking distance.


The pro-life movement in the USA is at fever pitch, as they can see they are so close to toppling Roe v Wade and the abortion industry.

Conversely, they know if they don't hold at the election, much of the good work Trump has done will be undone by the next Democrat President. And they can forget about reversing Roe v Wade for at least another 8 years if Trump doesn't win.

The US election is set for 3 November 2020, and it feels like an epic fight of light versus darkness. The US pro-life movement is fighting for the next generation and their mothers while the Democrats are intent on taking new life.

US pro-lifers are fierce, organised and focused. I had the honour of catching up with some of them at the The National Pro-Life Summit - the day after the US March for Life.  

The summit was attended by 3,300 committed pro-lifers, making it the largest pro-life conference ever anywhere in the world.

The first speaker, Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life, USA one of the conference hosts, encourages the crowd that we are so close to ending abortion.

“I believe…that 2020 can be the year we make history.. that we overturn Roe v Wade and Doe… I am determined to win. It’s not just fighting abortion, but winning against it!" she shouts.

We all cheer. We get it, Kristan gets it. Losing is not an option, we MUST win.

After hearing from many other excellent advocacy groups making a big impact, Abby Johnson (whose story formed the basis of the film Unplanned, who had two abortions of her own and was a Planned Parenthood director responsible for 22,000 abortions, and is now a passionate and prominent pro-lifer) takes to the stage.

“We have an election coming up in 2020. It is one of the most important elections of our time. We are this close to overturning Roe and Doe… Do you understand that? WE ARE SO CLOSE WE CAN ALMOST TASTE IT! It’s right there in our grasp.” Abby Johnson says. 

“What does it mean if Roe Doe is overturned, does it mean that abortion is gone from our land? No, it means it goes back to the states. It means overnight about half of the states of USA would make abortion illegal.

“Data shows us when abortion is restricted abortion goes down and unplanned pregnancies goes down…. People start making better choices before a child is conceived.”

"You know abortion has a smell?" Abby says. "It smells like a mix of blood and death." The room goes deadly silent... “Lives are on the line this election…”

“You know people say to me ‘I don’t know how you can vote for that man [Trump]’...

“You know what, I don’t care what he [Trump] says on Twitter! I CARE ABOUT WHAT HE DOES TO HELP THE UNBORN!” Abby booms,

“If we get this wrong guys… if one of the Democrats nominees becomes our President, every one of the states' legislative efforts [to preserve life or support pregnant women], will be undone. Every one….They support barbaric laws.”

Message received loud and clear, Abby: It has to be Trump, Trump's our man. We lose every life advancement in the past three years if we lose Trump. There will be more babies killed for years to come if we lose. Vote Trump, work for Trump, pray for Trump, and expose those Democrats.

Susan B Anthony List (SBA List) was also one of the sponsors of the conference. They are one of my favourite US pro-life lobby groups because they were set up as the pro-life rival to pro-abortion EMILY’s List, and have committed US $52 million to help get Trump re-elected. Talk about bringing out the big guns! Meanwhile Planned Parenthood has committed US $45 million to help pro-abortion Democrats. The abortion giant is angry at the Trump Administration, as since Trump has been president Planned Parenthood has been stripped of US $60 million.

I caught up with a friend who is a manager at SBA List who said they are working in eight “swing states”, what we Australians term "marginal seats", and will be using extensive polling, door knocking, mailouts and social media to help Trump hold those key states. They have had a lot of success at previous elections. Republican politicians treat them with a great deal of respect; Vice-President Mike Pence said of them they are the most effective grassroots pro-life organisation in the US, while the Democrats fear and loathe them.

The March for Life officially concluded just past the US Supreme Court, an eerie building with “Equal Justice Under Law”, engraved in marble above the entrance – the place which signed the blood-stained death warrant of 60 million babies and counting. This day there is a stage set up outside and brave woman after brave woman takes to the microphone to share the story of their abortion or abortions. All horrible accounts of great loss and regret, but thankfully all found healing in God's infinite love and mercy. Many of the women said the names of their children they had killed, some with tears, some with brave but sad smiles - saying their children were in heaven. All in all it was a deeply solemn and moving time; a number of us in the audience shed a tear.

One story gripped my heart perhaps more than the others - it was a young woman named Keisha. She had a hard upbringing and had two abortions by the time she was 15. The first time she didn't even know she was having an abortion - the doctor tricked her. Then she had another two by the time she was 22 because of threats of homelessness, as well as being impoverished and single. During her fourth abortion she died on the theatre table and began to float out of her body. Looking down at herself she knew she was dead and called out to God in desperation – begging him for forgiveness. Somehow her life was spared and she turned to God with her whole heart. An amazing story; beauty for ashes indeed.

Like our young friend Keisha, now a shining light for life and truth, I can't help but think that Trump has had a miraculous revelation of God's mercy and love. His actions for the unborn are decisive and effective.

It's like decades of hard work and prayers are being answered before our eyes in this man, an unlikely hero for the unborn and women – who are, of course, the second victims of abortion. 

There are skeptics about him, but whether President Trump's faith is genuine or not, is not my business. How he treats the unborn and pregnant women is, and in that regard he certainly is impressive. Very impressive. 

I am immensely thankful for President Trump and the fiery US pro-life movement which is backing him. I am confident that this brave pro-life leader will be re-elected with God's help and the help of the pro-life movement, and very importantly that Roe and Doe will be overturned within his next term - eventually leading to the end of abortion on demand in the USA. What a wonderful day that will be! I also hope that President Trump's strong leadership and pro-active approach to protecting the unborn and pregnant women will inspire Australian conservative politicians, both at the federal and state level, to do the same. The unborn deserve the right to life, and as a nation we need to be doing more for the smallest and most vulnerable amoungst us.

Cherish Life Queensland
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When Care Corrupts to Killing

“Euthanasia is a social construct, not health care..." Dr Greg Parker, - Director Metro South Palliative Care Services

Legalising euthanasia corrupts the role of doctor by changing it from healer to killer. The devastation it would cause to medicine is unfathomable and far-reaching.

Euthanasia it is social construct built upon a fear of suffering, extreme libertarian thinking and economic rationalism - which has the crude premise: it’s cheaper to give a sick, elderly or disabled person a lethal injection or two poisonous pills than to pay for months or years of support. Euthanasia’s origins are clearly sinister and evil... 

The euthanasia lobby builds its case by showcasing agonising death stories, and the media laps it up. What the media never showcases are the thousands of Queenslanders who, although having terminal illness, experience peaceful and painless deaths with good palliative support. Nor does the media adequately address the major palliative care deficit in Queensland which is most experienced in the regions. Palliative care specialist Professor Philip Good recently stated on ABC radio that Queensland should have the equivalent of two palliative specialists for every 100,000 people, but we have only 0.7.

And what we almost never heard about is growing catalogue of horrendous euthanasia stories from abroad, here are just a few:


  • When assisted suicide was legalised in Belgium and the Netherlands, they were meant for people in unbearable suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer, and euthanasia was to be provided with careful oversight plus prolonged close consultation between patient and doctor. However, doctors have now been killing patients they have hardly known or examined, many of whom have mental health issues like depression, anorexia or autism/Aspergers, not terminal illnesses. In 2012, 42 people with dementia and 13 with psychiatric issues were medically terminated in the Netherlands. A right-to-die group organised 30 mobile teams to make house calls to people who wanted to die but whose family doctors were unwilling to participate. One of the people killed by this team was a 63-year-old man with no family or friends, who was afraid of a lonely life after retirement. Another was a 54-year-old woman with a pathological fear of germs, who found her obsession with cleanliness debilitating. 
  • A Belgian was euthanised (i.e. killed) in 2013 after she became suicidal, claiming a sex change operation to turn her into a man had turned her into a “monster”.
  • On 19 April 2012, 64-year-old retired schoolteacher Godelieva De Troyer received a lethal injection at a Brussels hospital. She had no incurable illness or chronic pain. It was simply chronic depression. Her family was not informed in advance; her son Tom Mortier only discovered this when he was asked to deal with paperwork the following day.
  • Netherlands: A 74-year-old woman who was suffering dementia grew violent in a nursing home away from her family. Her gerontologist noted: “Only when her family was with her did the patient find life acceptable.” A few weeks after she entered the home, her gerontologist and a consulting psychiatrist agreed that she was suffering intolerably and met the requirements for euthanasia, although she had never submitted a formal request to die. Her husband and daughter agreed.
  • 29-year-old Dutchwoman Aurelia Brouwers, who suffered intense depression since she was 12, coupled with repeated self-harm, anxiety, psychoses and hearing voices, was allowed to be euthanised at the Levenseindekliniek. She had been in prison (for arson) for over 2 years without therapy.
  • A man in his 30s whose only diagnosis was autism became one of 110 people to be euthanized for mental disorders in the Netherlands between 2011 and 2014.
  • In Belgium, 38-year-old Tine Nys was killed just for having Aspergers. The doctor fumbled with the needle and asked her parents to help hold it in place while he administered the lethal injection. He then asked them to use a stethoscope to confirm their daughter's heart had stopped.
  • In one 2017 Belgian case, a man in late middle-age with dementia signed an advanced directive for euthanasia when his condition became worse. His doctor recounted: “As his mind faltered, however, so did his resolve – which did not please his wife, who became an evangelist for her husband’s death. He must have changed his mind 20 times. I saw the pressure she was applying.” The doctor tried to protect her patient, but while she was away, her colleague euthanised him.


“...legalizing assisted suicide in other states [in America] has led to a rise in overall suicide rates — assisted and unassisted — in those states. The study’s key findings show that, after controlling for demographic and socio-economic factors and other state-specific issues, physician-assisted suicide is associated with a 6.3 percent increase in total suicide rates.... The results should not surprise anyone familiar with the literature on the social contagion effects of suicidal behavior. You don’t discourage suicide by assisting suicide.” 
Ref: Aaron Kheriaty, “The dangerously contagious effect of assisted-suicide laws”, The Washington Post, 20 November 2015 
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Selling Suicide Should be Illegal in Australia – Pro-Life Lobby Calls on the State & Federal Government to Stop Philip Nitschke’s Tour

The Australian pro-life lobby is appalled that Philip Nitschke, sometimes referred to as "Dr Death", is allowed to travel around Australia spruiking his latest killing machine, the Sarco. We call on the state and federal governments to restrict his activities so he can't sell suicide.

"Philip Nitschke sells suicide. His latest killing device the Sarco, which can be replicated with a 3D printer, is extremely dangerous. Just today Nitschke was on the Gold Coast freely showing off the Sarco. How and why is this even allowed, particularly in a state where assisted suicide is illegal and it is an offence to encourage anyone to suicide?" Ms Teeshan Johnson, executive director of Cherish Life Queensland said.

"The pro-life movement of Australia urgently calls on the Queensland Government and the Federal Government to restrict Nitschke's activities while he is in Australia so he can not sell or promote suicide in any way.

"Australia has a devastating suicide problem, and promoting suicide as Nitschke does, is extremely dangerous and counter-productive to suicide prevention programs.

"Nitschke has no medical registration in Australia (he burned his registration some years ago in protest to restrictions the AMA put on him so he couldn't promote suicide) and his livelihood is built on selling suicide. The trail of suicide and heartbreak behind him is well documented. What he promotes is contrary to the law and good medical practice. Nitschke's suicide promoting activities must be shut down urgently.