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life logo2The time for action is now!

Queensland is facing another push to decriminalise abortion, which means that, without safeguards, abortion would be legal for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy until birth.  

Please act urgently against what could be the worst abortion laws in the western world.  
We are looking for Life Champions to act urgently on a personal level as well as mobilising their communities to action.  
Together, we can be a voice for the voiceless!

Go here to find out what you can do now to help: 
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Become a life champion!

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    For help and advice at all hours ...

    Priceless Life Centre (24 Hours)

    Brisbane: 3219 4288 OR 1300 363 550
    Country: 1800 090 777
    Chat via SMS: 0413 888 613 

    Pregnancy Counselling Link

    Ph: 1800 777 690

    Pregnancy Crisis Inc

    Ph: 1300 777 777

    Abortion Grief Counselling (24 Hours)

    Ph: 1300 363 550

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