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Thousands of Queenslander’s – young and old – marched in Brisbane’s CBD on Saturday April 22 with a simple, yet powerful message in the fight for pro-life issues: Pro-life equals Pro-woman.

A crowd of around 2000 gathered at Speakers Corner right outside Queensland Parliament House for a rally before marching the streets. Speakers included leading members of the pro-life movement, Dr Joanna Howe, Professor of Law at the University of Adelaide, Wendy Francis of the Australian Christian Lobby, Queensland Senator Matt Canavan and former Queensland Senator, now Sky News Presenter, Amanda Stoker.

First up was an inspired speech by Dr Joanna Howe. Her words included heart-breaking abortion testimonies, statistics on abortion. Wendy Francis spoke on the reality of abortions happening because of unborn children being diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Senator Canavan spoke on the Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill which he has supported in the Senate. Amanda Stoker’s speech focussed on the value of motherhood and equality for the unborn.

Cherish Life executive officer Matthew Cliff said he was delighted to see such a large turnout and welcomed the opportunity to educate and equip people on pro-life issues.

Below is the YouTube links – featuring all the speeches and including a highlight reel. 

March For Life Brisbane 2023 – YouTube Playlist

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